Generation 1: Ellie
Elemental, My Dear Watson
And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth
People Watching
Meet Hydrogen
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Father
Baby Geniuses
The Liquid Chapter
Gardening Is Hot
WordPress Is Evil (And So Is Jamar)
Silent Treatment
Little Suck-Ups
If The Crown Fits, Wear It
Peace And Love
Daddy’s Girl
Sleeping on the Couch
Lady Is A Tramp
This Legacy Is On Fire

Generation 2: Lithium
Party All Night
Money, Money, Money
Double Trouble
Birthday Cakes Save Sanity
Double Double Trouble
The Mendeleev LTW Retreat
Welcome to Twinbrook
The Ravager’s Imaginary Friend
Send In The Clones
Midlife Crisis
Picking Up The Pieces
The Family Museum
All Growed Up
The Secret Ingredient

Generation 3: Nitrogen
The Wild Spouse Chase
Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
The Classiest Wedding Ever
The Circle of Life
Happy Unbirthday to You
Jealous Dollies
Near Death Experiences
Confessions and Possessions
Home Alone
Only The Good Die Young
Paint It Black
Party at the Local Park
Mad About Mags
Fun With Arranged Marriage!
The Daycare Postulate
Romance in the Heir
Arm Breakage
It’s All About Me

Generation 4: Sodium
The Joy of Fame
Winner Take All
Casa de Mendeleev
Three’s Company
Telekinesis and Other Things
Death and Laundry
To The Moon!
Think of the Children!
Who Let The Dogs Out?
Dog and Pony Show
Mendeleev Spooktacular: Uno y Dos
Adventure Montage
So Sophisticated
The Horse, The Vampire, and The Ravager
Dancing Queen

Generation 5: Phosphorus
Happy Fangsgiving
Drunk On You
Your Ectoplasm is Showing
A Hot Husband and Some Kid
Best Birthday Ever!
The Night Before Christmas
Worst Birthday Ever!
Kids Will Be Kids
Kissing Makes Babies
But Lip Gloss is a Contraceptive
Happy Waitangi Day
The Plot
I Can’t Decide
Down to Earth
Taxi Centipede

Generation 6: Argon and Potassium
Messed-Up April Fool’s Post
Overprotective Siblings
Don’t Date My Daughter
Me and My Baby
Family Matters
The Stolen Spotlight
My Kid Is Better Than Your Kid
Getting Older
Chromium Truce
100 Post Prom Night
Chemistry Cat
The Impossible Debate


Generation 7: Vanadium
The Extremely Haunted House
Vanny’s Bachelorette Party
A Lot Happens
Lover From Beyond The Grave
Oh My Ghost
Star-Crossed Lovers
Best Crash Ever
The Woman Who Was Books
More Birthday Glitches
Your Daily Dose of Iron
A Shot in the Graveyard
Vanny’s Big Scoop
In Which We End On A Cliffhanger
Argon’s Death
C-c-c-combo Breaker!

Generation 8: Manganese and Nickel
A New Gener8tion
Lesbians Everywhere
The Couch of ShameA Boy Named Lynn
Can I Keep Him?
Happiness and the Pursuit of Babby
Monster House
Workplace Romance
Halloween thing: One and Two
Fairest Of Them All
Good News and Bad News
Death to Sparkles
Like Cats and Dogs
Werewolves of Riverview
New Year in July
Fireworks and Other Things

Generation 9: ZincNinth Inning Stretch
Bachelor Birthday Party
Rain Rain Go Away
Potty Problem
Spooky Day
Show Some Spirit
Gay Gnome Babies
Merry Lampmas
Witch’s Brew
Love Test
I Double Death Dare You
Gnomes, Ghosts, and Floating Pigs
You Be Glitchin’
Weird Things Going Down
Still Alive
Wolf Twins and Time Travel
The Youth of Primy Nature
Senior Year


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