This legacy started off because I was staring at the periodic table in my chemistry class and thought it would be awesome to make a house shaped like the periodic table, with each room representing a different element. Due to lot sizes in the sims, however, a house with the dimensions of the periodic table would be unlivable.

Then I thought it would be cool to have a legacy that names each child after an element, beginning with Hydrogen and ending with… whatever the last element would be by the time we got there. There’s the possibility of new elements being discovered, after all. And the ones with the names that always made my head hurt (Unununium, for example) might get a name change.

Since then, my legacy has gone through numerous glitches and crashes, but still I kept going, possibly because I’d invested too much time and effort in saving my legacy from countless near-deaths. The family has perservered longer than any other family I’ve attempted. Whether they will make it to the end of the table is yet to be known.


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