Little Update

I think I only have one or two expansions to add back to my game and test with, depending on if I feel it’s worth it to install World Adventures when I practically never use it anyway. And then I see University and it’s like I want it, but i know what adding expansions does to my game and it might mess with the game the same way as vacations?

I don’t know. But I’ve played a TON today, since I haven’t been able to get to the computer for a week, and everything seems to be in working order so far.

Also, if you watch Whodunnit and you finished the mountain lion episode, feel free to highlight the white text.

When the clue said ‘element’ I was immediately thinking periodic elements, and when it said C N I was like CARBON AND NITROGEN. This legacy makes me feel smart sometimes. : P

If you don’t watch Whodunit you should, although I’m a bit biased because I have an undying love for murder mysteries. I think you can watch it on the ABC channel website.

So ta-ta for now, the Mendeleevs should be back in working order soon. Hopefully.

*deep breath* *fingers crossed*



One thought on “Little Update

  1. I can’t wait to see them up and running again.
    I have no problems with university, but then I had no problems with World Adventures so I may not be the best to go off of.
    I kind of want to watch whodunit (a friend mentioned it in a sims forum actually) but watching t.v shows is a pain for me because I don’t have t.v and I have to find a reliable place online to find all the episodes free and not full of virus’. Ah well.

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