Heir Poll

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Selenium Mendeleev:

Snob, virtuoso, disciplined, absent-minded.

Ballet dancer, musician, prom queen… and looking to add ‘legacy heiress’ to her list of accomplishments. She’s just a few days from YA. Loves music, herself, success, and herself.

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Bromine “Bro” Mendeleev

Vehicle enthusiast, excitable, heavy sleeper, dramatic.

Lover of cars, motorcycles, and attention. Revels in her image as an extreme tomboy for the spectacle of it. Just turned into a teen. Disapproves of all things frilly.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.16.41 AM

Krypton Kal-El Clark Mendeleev

Athletic, easily-impressed, loser.

A few days from teen. Has an imaginary friend as possible spouse material. Likes to work out even though he can’t get skill points from it, and gets dumped in the trash in school. He may be a loser, but he hopes to become a winner… of this poll.

Poll closed. Stay tuned. : D


One thought on “Heir Poll

  1. I missed the poooooooolllllllll!
    well…Bro is my favorite. I never get to see tomboys have the spotlight.
    But I really feel it would only be right for the end of the current table start the next one.
    i wonder who won?

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