Fairest Of Them All

Hey, it’s been a while. I’ve been bogged down with schoolwork and NaNoWriMo (not that NaNo is a chore or anything) but now I have some free time to play Sims. Rather, I played the Mendeleev family a few days ago and I’m getting around to playing them now.

Copper: I like electricity, because that’s how my grandpa died and made me what I am today.

Weirdo. Although I did just realize (read: I looked it up) that copper is the second best conductor of electricity next to silver.


Manganese: I don’t want my hair to get burned, do I?

It’s not like you’re going to be wearing your uniform when it comes time to actually fight a fire.

Vanadium: Aw, you’re so sweet.

It wouldn’t give a makeover for Nickel, either. So fine with giving one to Doris, though.

Doris: 😦

Nickel: Well, time to work off some of those extra pounds so the mirror will think I’m even more lovely. Then I shall be the fairest of them all!

You weigh nothing. Literally.

Oh, and Potassium is still alive and kicking.

Potassium: Yeah, Casper. I like what I see.

Please don’t. Please.

I didn’t catch it, but I’m pretty sure I saw Lithium getting a makeover from the magic mirror.

Lithium: The snob trait lives on after so many generations!

Speaking of makeovers, Casper wanted on. It was much easier to fulfill than GETTING A DIVORCE so I gave it to him.

Casper: You don’t respect my need to be free like the wind. 😦

You came out of your wife’s imagination. Show her some gratitude for your existence.

I realized that I had aging off since the Halloween thing, so it’s as good a time as any to age Zinc up and see what she’ll be like.

Monster shirt: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM I EAT YOU.

Anyone want to take a wild guess what trait she rolled?

Nickel and Manganese are arguing again. I’m seriously never doing double heirs again because they always compete with one another.

Nickel: Why don’t you just fix the toilet?

Manganese: Because I’m busy? Get your husband to do it; he doesn’t even have a real job.

Doris, you are the worst werewolf ever. She doesn’t even turn into a wolf. She turns into a pink person that doesn’t know how to properly socialize with people.

Casper shocked himself on the computer. We are NOT having another spouse die like that.

And again.

Let’s let someone else handle it, dear.

It seems that Argon is still afraid of ghosts.

The following is a conversation that happened exactly in this order, and I didn’t skip any thought bubbles.

Nickel: School sucks. You probably shouldn’t go.

Zinc: Then how will I earn money?

Nickel: Person person plus, the kid is smart.

Nickel: Just marry someone rich. It’ll all turn out fine.

Nickel: Yep. Just don’t get on the bus when it comes for you.

Stop sabotaging a potential heir, Nickel.

Not only does Manganese have a pretty rocky relationship with his nephew, but he randomly has the ability to declare his daughter as a nemesis.

They don’t even have any red in the relationship bar.

Potassium: I don’t see why everyone thinks this repairing stuff is so difficult.

Potassium is a miracle worker. No shock. Not even one.

Nickel got an architecture job across the street. Reuben’s all grown up now! He’s Chromium’s kid, in case you forgot. I did.

Nickel: I liked it better when he had short hair.

Chromium: I can’t live in this squalor!

It’s a mansion.

Chromium: Just fix it.

Nickel: Uh, work day is over. Going home.

Next time: Can I update in a more timely manner? Will Nickel fix Chromium’s mansion so it’s not squalor? Will Potassium EVER die? All that or maybe none of it, next time in the Elemental Legacy!


One thought on “Fairest Of Them All

  1. First off – yay NaNo! Secondly, I’m still in love with the Mendeleevs. I’m so not looking forward to Potassium’s death. She’s so much fun!

    Also, what is with IF-turned-spouses rolling divorce wishes?? Mine do it, too!

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