The Butler, Drowning

Survived the hurricane, so here’s the second part of the Halloween special.

This is basically the only reason I did this.

Super fun pool party!

Sabrina: Everyone but Miss Cobalt and Miss Ellie are absolutely required to get in. o__o

Doris: Well, that’s not suspicious in the slightest!

Cobalt: And soon, the screaming. It will be music to my ears.

Ellie: This had better be scientific.

Cobalt: It will be. I have a control group and everything…

Ellie: Control group of 1.

I mainly want to see if there’s any way to really kill a ghost, but while I was at it I decided to go ahead and see if there were differences in how long it would take to drown between the different occult types.

Nickel: I can’t get out! My husband is in the way!

At the very least, it seems like Nickel can’t leave the pool with the fence around it, even though she can go through things.

Manganese is the first one to start drowning, although that’s more because he was the first one in rather than because he’s a normal, mortal sim.

Ellie: Not very scientific at all.

And that’s how Manganese died.

Everyone has the unlucky trait though so it’s all good.

My computer ate my other drowning pictures, but rest assured Doris and Casper followed soon after.

My vampire simself was going way into the morning, which leads me to believe that vampires have a lot more endurance than a regular sim. It was taking so long that I ended up sliding her energy bar down a bit to speed things up. I only wanted to know if it would take longer, not how much longer it would actually take.

See? Everyone’s fine.

Nickel most of all. Ghosts apparently go straight to exhausted when they hit 0 of the drowning moodlet, and then they just keep on swimming.

So that didn’t take too long. Next, Cobalt decided to test out some of the more advanced witch spells.

The haunting spell has unexpected effects when there is already a ghost in the room.

Ellie: Is that ghost really an heir to my legacy?

Nickel: I feel offended.

Haunting spell on a ghost. Ghostception!


Ghost: Ew, a ghost.

The next spell to be tried was the pestilence spell. It can spread, and it can infect ghosts.

Cobalt: Somehow, releasing an incredibly contagious disease has failed to backfire for me in any way. I knew zombie movies were lying to me!

Then she tried something that was like a restoration spell… or something… and ruined absolutely everything in the room.

Meanwhile, Casper was experimenting with his own magic, and cast inner beauty on Doris.

I’m really curious to see if that would pass on to the kids if a sim gave birth while under that spell.

Cobalt tried to raise a zombie.

Needless to say, the spell backfired on her.

Cobalt: Brains…

Nickel: Why does this keep happening to me?

Nickel: You’re asking me?

After explaining everything to the demon/vampire butler/writer:

Sabrina: Look, Ellie, I’ll fix everything up with testingcheatsenabled demon powers, but only because I like you. And because you’re dressed as Amy Pond. Pestilence? Cured.

Sabrina: Second ghost? Vanished.

Sabrina: Cobalt? Alive.

Sabrina: Doris? I don’t really see a difference… Okay, fine. She’s cured too.

Manganese: You piece of trash! What did you do to my wife?

Doris: Now you come to defend me…

Sabrina: And now I wipe all your memories using me vampire gaze! Begone!

Later, under the full moon:

Sabrina: I’m hungry, and I did everything you wanted me to do.

Cobalt: You didn’t get rid of Nickel, though. She gets everything, just because she’s dead. 😦

Sabrina: Actually, I did get rid of Nickel. It’s not my fault there was one left over once I was done. That was you and your silly little wand that did that.

Cobalt: So you’re a vampire, right? You’re just saying you’re a demon because of some weird anime crap… you just need to suck my blood.

Sabrina: Um, no. I’m not going to drink your blood. I’m going to devour your soul.

And Cobalt was never seen or heard from again. The end.


2 thoughts on “The Butler, Drowning

  1. Oh, I’ve missed Ellie and all her anger about us unscientific heathens. It’s good to see her again. 🙂

    And seriously… Doris’s inner beauty is terrifying!

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