Workplace Romance

Hey guys, I’m still alive, but college is actually sort of time consuming. :/

Doris: And that’s why my baby is going to end up as heir.

Manganese: Ghost hair is weird, anyway. It shines through your face.

Nickel: How about the person with the highest whack-a-gnome score gets the last slot.

I was just going to hold a race.

Potassium: Are you talking about my death again?

This just in: Doris and Manganese are now no longer just faithful. They’re eternally faithful.

Manganese: Thanks for being our witness, kid.

Copper: Can I go now?

But they’re not the only ones. It seems like there’s romance at the fire station as well…

I don’t know how exactly this happened, if you recall what the fire station’s resident werewolf looks like. I wasn’t about to take another picture.

Use an axe to break down a glass door!

And then splinters of wood fly from it? I guess the developers couldn’t think of EVERYTHING when they made the firefighter career.

Manganese: We have invisible wood in the sims, duh.

Oh okay.

We also have invisible clients in the architect career! Yay!

Unless our client is really a narcissistic juice box.

Just a reminder that Zinc is a cutie.

What the hay are you wearing, Doris?

Ellie: Is this what’s become of my legacy? Do not want.

Thank Cthulhu he’s a snob, or I think his self-esteem would be crushed.

Nickel: I haven’t cheated on Casper!

I don’t know why I took this picture. I think it was because there was some weird glitch with the architecture career, but I don’t remember.

One of the firefighters is a zombie now.

The Riverview Fire Department is like the Ankh-Morpork City Watch at this point. We’re all about diversity.

Doris tried to sniff Casper inappropriately.

Casper: If you try to sniff my butt again I will light you on fire!

Nickel: Only I’m allowed near Casper’s butt!

What’s going on here?

Copper: I was going to have a story read to me and it was going to be adorable, and then Grandma had to ruin it. 😦

There was a reason for this photo, and I remember it! Nickel is now a 2 or 3 star celebrity because the game makes you friends with your architecture clients. The funny thing is that the town is supposed to have celebrities turned off. -_-

Casper is a full adult now. I don’t remember if he got a midlife crisis, but my game seems to hate me so I’m assuming that he did.

I have two heirs working on professions all day. My hands are full with that and the rest of the family sort of does whatever.

Werewolf chick brought in a keyboard to work. I think werewolves in the sims just really like pianos for some reason.

Work romance continues to blossom.

I’d really like to see one of them use the ‘I’m a firefighter!’ thing.

Nickel’s work brought her right past a large house fire, which she had to stop and stare at.

Nickel: …are you in your swimwear?

Nickel: My brother’s going to die without his fire protection!

You don’t want to help, seeing as you can’t die?

Nickel: My coding is forcing me to panic!

Manganese didn’t die, but I don’t have any pictures because fires start to get repetitive after a while. Manganese is  halfway to his LTW though.

Manganese: Fix this.

Manganese: Acceptable.

Next time will probably be a Halloween chapter, and hopefully it’ll be on time…


2 thoughts on “Workplace Romance

  1. OHMYGOSH in the ‘work romance’ picture where your caption is something about “I’m a firefighter”, the werewolf has the longest fingernails and I just had to point that out because I’ve never noticed that on werewolves before.

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