Monster House

I should kind of be working on a paper right now, but whatever. It’ll get done eventually.

Doris’s mothering instinct is on at full strength; she always seems to be picking up Copper to play with him or something.

She announced her pregnancy autonomously, which I didn’t even think was something that sims could do on their own.

Doris: I’m pregnant!

Potassium: Right after my sister died? That’s cold.

Doris: I think I’ll drink this juice.

But that’s blood. Plasma.

It appears that Manganese can’t stand to be around his pregnant wife, though. He made a few disgusted faces when she sat down, which I sadly did not capture, and left.

Manganese: Welp, bedtime.

Playing Darwin’s Revenge.

This is exactly how evolution works.

Manganese: Must cook nice things… appease pregnant wife…

Manganese, you know she should be the one getting the massages, right?

Manganese: Hey, I work hard saving lives. She just sits and home and is pregnant.



Manganese: Haha. Yeah. Good luck with that. I’ll be going to bed…

Doris: DON’T. YOU. DARE.


Doris: That’s more like it.

Bonehilda: *sigh*

Then they went to the hospital.

Bonehilda: Now that the meatbags are gone, I can fix the computer in peace.

Meet Zinc! Her favorite color is spiceberry. I don’t remember her personality right now, but it doesn’t matter while she’s still a baby anyway. :/

Copper: Yes… pay attention to the new kid… now I’ll be safe…

Vanadium became an elder. I don’t have any pictures of her after her makeover, though.

Hey Argon! How’s the afterlife?

Argon: For some reason everyone was expecting Potassium. And then I found out that Manganese knocked up his wife as soon as I died. I’m not amused.

Now it’s time to follow Manganese at work because the firefighter career hasn’t stopped amusing me yet.

Latosha: Help me!

Manganese: You are NOWHERE near the fire.

Latosha: Thanks for reminding me. You saved my life!

Then there was a glitch that Manganese couldn’t go inside without being invited in first, which wasn’t going to happen because the guys inside were busy with the fire that had already been put out.

Leaving the lot and coming back fixed the problem.

Manganese: Great Uncle Titanium! There’s NO FIRE.

I signed Nickel up for the architecture career, which is a great way to get friends. For some reason, her practice sketches on the drawing table are worth almost 1000 simoleons, and she’s at level 2 of art.

Doris: So I thought that I should bring in another child once Potassium dies, because Zinc’s not a werewolf and it would be cool to have a werebaby.

Casper: Yeah, except any werebaby would shed too, and you clog up the pipes by yourself already.

Doris: I don’t shed that much…


Hey Heather. Still creeping?

Heather: Creepers gonna creep.

I notice that her hair doesn’t block out her face like electric ghost hair does.

Iron and Cobalt hanging out in front of the sports stadium.

I just like to take pictures of spares when I see them out and about.

Cobalt: Remember, I’m hosting the Halloween party!


Nickel is actually drawing sketches worth a realistic amount of money now.

Sim-realistic, at least.

I just took this picture to point out that wereDoris is exactly the same as normal Doris, but she’s pink. Nickel just happened to be in the shot. But speaking of Nickel… what’s this new interaction?

Doris: So how’d you die?

Nickel: Baby, I was born this way. </Gaga>

It just gives you a little pop-up saying how the sim died, which might be useful if the ghosts weren’t already color coded for your convenience. Although some of the ghost colors actually look pretty similar.

I wonder if it’s possible for the ghost to get all offended at the question.

Copper, I could’ve sworn you were a boy! I made this big deal when you were a toddler that I thought you were a girl and then remembered you were a boy.

Copper: Of course I’m a boy. Why would you think differently?

Oh, um… don’t look in the mirror just yet.

There we go. Copper’s third trait is snob, which feels almost like it’s about as prevalent as insane and genius, but snob is a less obtrusive trait.

Whatcha doing?

Copper: I need to check under the bed before I go to sleep.

Neurotic. Copper, you know that the bed is really low, right? Like, touching the floor. Any monster under there’s gotta be almost flat.


It’s worrying that the monster is living INSIDE of the bed, rather than under it.

Copper: Well, I just pissed myself in terror.

I just about did too, Copper. O_O


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