Happiness and the Pursuit of Babby

Last time in the Elemental Legacy, we learned that you should never try clever little workarounds for game mechanics, because the game will destroy you. 😦

So the poll came out in favor of moving fake!Nickel and Casper out of the house… so I guess this is good-bye.

*game breaks*

God dammit. I think either the patch or the ‘summon ghost’ busted the save game, because only Nickel was selectable, and nothing was selectable once she returned to the netherworld. So I go back to the backup save…



Doris 1: So we redid the clone thing that didn’t actually happen? Whatever. I’m going to read a book and go to bed.

Doris 2: Bitch this is my house.


Werewolves can practice fighting other werewolves. This is a friendly fight.

Doris 1: I have won the right to stay here with my mate.

Doris 2, now Tyrone: Whatever. Person person plus.

Wanted to see if using the simbot potion counted towards being a monster maker, in the interest of SCIENCE. It doesn’t.

Potassium: What are you watching me for?

Waiting for you to die. :/

Potassium: Creep.

Casper: I got a promotion today.

Manganese: I actually wore my work clothes today.

Casper works at the bookstore again and Nickel doesn’t have a job. I want to have her as an architect to make friends super easy for her LTW, but I’ll start her off like next chapter, because I JUST had a sim complete the 20 friends LTW like that. As in, this morning.

Copper is a toddler again. Which means that Potassium should be pretty close to dying. Hopefully not in front of the baby this time.

I learned my lesson to never ever touch the philosopher’s stone. We wait for death to happen naturally.


Death: Argon Mendeleev, your time is up…

Argon: But I’m hungry…

Doris: Haha I’ma go get a salad!

WHAT? It’s not that I would prefer Potassium dying; it’s just that I’m confused. And I, you know, already had a chance to get over Potassium’s death the first time.

Death: My list said ‘Mendeleev, old age.’ I couldn’t read the first name because Phosphorus spilled a Bloody Mary on it, so I’m guessing here.

Argon: But don’t I get a last meal?

Death: You can have some fruit salad when we get to the underworld. It has pomegranates.

Doris immediately rolls the wish to woohoo Manganese, because she knows that there’s a spot in the household now and she’s a freaking vulture.

Doris: Now’s my chance!

You’re both completely horrible, you know.

Her body’s not even cold yet…

Rest in peace, Argon, if you’re not already rolling in your grave.

Now Bonehilda can come out, though. Now the beds will be made. 🙂

Manganese’s next job is a big house fire. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this with a firefighter before.

And Manganese is the best firefighter ever. He just strolls on in wearing swim trunks.

Manganese: Hey, move it. You don’t need a diploma to know that you’re NOWHERE near the fire.


Manganese: I wore my swim trunks so after the fire’s put out I can play in the hose. 🙂

Breakin’ down doors.

Like a boss.

Man: Thank you for saving me… ooh, I don’t think I can hold it much longer.

Manganese: The ironic thing is that not holding it might have helped put out the fire.

You’re gross.

This weird full moon lighting is starting to get on my nerves.

Manganese: I saved two lives today.

Nickel: Are you saying there’s something wrong with being dead?

Bonehilda: Racist.

Doris: Casper, I know you’re upset about our mother-in-law passing…

Casper: YOU sure aren’t! We could hear you from our room, you know!

Casper: You defiled her memory…

Doris: I regret nothing done in pursuit of pregnancy.

Doris: Yayy and I really am pregnant!

Vanadium: You know I’m not comfortable with you floating so close to me… O_o

Zhan: It’s alright though. We’re so distantly-related that you have romantic interactions available…

Vanadium: *twitch*

Green bar: *rises steadily*

Aren’t you supposed to use a hammer for that or something?

Nickel: I’m fixing it with my mind. But if you insist…


Nickel: I d-didn’t think that was possible…

Can she die again? I’m most definitely not going to try and find out right now.

Nickel: Hi, the dishwasher almost killed me and I’m already dead, so I’m going to pay you to deal with it instead.

Repairman: I was called…

Casper: No, I have this one. You fix the deathtrap downstairs.

I’m not losing anyone else!!! D:

Copper: Mommy!

Nickel: I had a horrible dream that I went back to the netherworld, but when I tried to return my opening was taken by an imposter instead!

They’re so cute when they recognize each other as relatives.

Copper is scared of Bonehilda, though, because the game apparently randomly chooses sims to be afraid of the skeleton maid.

Copper: Oh my god those eye sockets they will eat me.

Bonehilda: Aw, come here baby.


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