So I should probably working on college stuff right about now… eh.

Hey, look. Another use for astrology in the sims. Sort of.


The arboretum is supposed to be where there are fairies and, I’m assuming, trees. It’s very small, though. I’m guessing that everything is in some underground Alice-in-Wonderland place.

I put the fortune telling wagon on the same lot because it was just easier that way. The fortune teller has a pet cowplant.


Nickel’s getting a job to help support her family.

There’s a book club meeting out in front of the hospital, it seems. They’re all related, too. The husband and wife are reading the same book.

Wife: I can read upside-down.

And why am I waiting in front of the hospital?

Because Argon’s due to achieve her LTW.

Argon: I think I want to retire now. I hit the glass door or whatever it’s called.

I think you mean glass ceiling, and that’s not what it means at all.

Clone potion time! Your clone doesn’t end up in the same household as the original sim.

But it still might get confusing to have two sims named Doris. The clone should be called…

Tyrone: I should be going home now.

How… how do you even have a home? You just began existing five minutes ago.

Oh hey, it’s Copper. Copper still exists, which I sort of forgot because I haven’t played this save in forever. I simultaneously have more and less free time in college. Anyway. Copper is a toddler.


And why would he hit on Tyrone and not Doris? And if Tyrone stayed as Doris, would the game have accepted his learning of either Doris’s sign, or would it have been a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right?

Vanadium: Hm, you want to host the Halloween party this year, Cobalt?

Cobalt: Yes, I want to explore our family’s roots with my dear brother and sister… and their spouses, of course.

Casper got enough LTH to buy a real LTW. I chose the psychic one because I haven’t done that and also he would be able to work with his wife.


It makes me happy to know that Scandium’s husband is faithful… in this instance.

Or not.

Flower chick: Gawd, you’re a married man!

That didn’t stop you five minutes ago.

Just stand straight in the fire wearing no protection, Manganese. I’m sure that won’t backfire in the slightest.


Ellie’s going to be pissed if you tell her you believe in that stuff, you know.

Okay, Copper. You’ve proven to me your adorableness.

Copper: Dinosauw!

Well, except that he cries a lot when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Copper: Evewyone needs to look at me NOW

And he seems incredibly intent on ripping the doll’s head off.

Seriously, what’s up with your clothes?

I changed her clothes to see if that would stop the random dress from appearing over/under what she wears, but it didn’t.

One of the firefighters is a werewolf now. She needs to do something with that hair; it’s atrocious.


Manganese decides to WALK to the fire he needs to put out. Cobalt and Iron happen to be there, along with another guy who is ALSO related to one of the firefighters.

Werefighter: You’re trash if you didn’t even help your father/uncle/older brother when his house was on fire.

Nickel: I leave work with one simoleon less than my husband. Sexism right there.

Carpool driver: I don’t even get paid to drive you to work. 😦

Casper: One day you’re going to grow big and go to school.

Copper: …

Casper: CASH

Copper: Ka-CHING!

So the family got the philosopher’s stone just to see what it does and make sure that Voldemort doesn’t get his hands on it.

I was sort of hoping that the ‘turn to gold’ option would make it into a gold statue of whatever it was, but it makes gold bars instead.

Still cool though.

The philosopher’s stone also has an option that will bring any ghost in town into your household, so I thought Nickel could return to the netherworld to make room for another kid, then come back later.

This was a mistake, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

I hope that action I can’t click means she’s pregnant and is not a glitch. :/

Doris’s choice of clothing is bizarre, to say the least. I don’t pick these outfits out for her; they just sort of happen.

Of course, right after I get rid of Nickel to make room in the house, Potassium makes my efforts null and void.

Doris: :O

Copper: *does not understand concept of death*

Death: Is that widdle Copper? He’s adorable… *ahem* Potassium Mendeleev, your time on this Earth is up…


Potassium: Can someone stop his crying? This isn’t how I pictured my final moments.

Death: I’m… ah… not good with kids…

You’re lucky he’s a ghost baby, because that scythe is awful close…

Rest in peace, Potassium.

Time to bring back Nickel, though…

And it’s the fake Nickel. D: She doesn’t have any relationship with the family or anything, and interactions only work one way. (She has interactions with others, but I try to have another sim interact with her there aren’t any available interactions.)

Fake Nickel: Sup?


One thought on “Imposter!

  1. That Harry Potter reference just completed my life. By the way, I love this legacy! These guys are like my favourite sims ever! It cracked me up when Death saw Copper:P

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