Can I Keep Him?

Argon: He’s still here.

Yes, in the middle of the night Stacy decided to give up on playing our piano, and play his own instead.

Argon: Can I keep him as a pet?

That’s probably illegal.


It seems like the game dumps tons and tons of Supernaturals in once you have the new expansion.

Argon has a vaccination clinic at the cemetery again.

Argon: This is to protect you from the zombie virus.

Lady: But I’m a vampire; I thought we were immune.

Argon: That’s what we all thought.

Argon: Hey, Sulfur, still alive? Want a zombie vaccination so you don’t rise from the grave.

Sulfur: That’s what I”m here for.



This little kid, Nicole, showed up, and I was like ‘you can give vaccines to kids?’ and she was like ‘nope’.

Little creep just came to the cemetery to chill.

Nicole: Death helps me focus on math.


Doris also wanted to chill at the cemetery, too, so I really have no room to judge, since I let her.

Doris: So… do you like baking?

Nicole: I’ll call the police on you.

Then some random guy tries to hit on Argon.

Nickel: He’s STILL HERE.

He’s our new pet.


He doesn’t.

Argon, he’s not supposed to eat at the table.

Argon: But I like the company. 😦

Er… wha?

Death got the family a maid as a wedding gift.


Maid: Well… this is awkward.

Yeah, you’re fired dear.

I’m very interested in all the magic elixirs, so Argon goes out to buy some.

Doris: Why do you get to have the baby? You’re not the family-oriented one.

Vanadium: I think I’m going to go to bed and not get in the middle of this.

Nickel: I won the magic eight ball contest thing fair and square, so I get the first kid.

Doris: Psh, only because you went first.

Vanadium: Chances of escape… fading…

Hey, the mood light thing actually does stuff! It changes a sim’s color and gives them a moodlet to go along with it.

Chilling with the skeleton maid. My life is Mendeleev.

The family got an alchemy set to go with the other hobbies.

Ellie will be pissed when she finds this.


Nickel: It feels like I’m trying to push out a rock…

It’s a little ghost boy named Copper! He’s neurotic and hates the outdoors.

Argon had to eat in the study that night because Bonehilda was working in the kitchen… I think Bonehilda will get some time off until we don’t have coward sims in the house.

Let’s see what this potion does.

Oh my. Well, our other werewolf ran away…

Why is the werewolf pink and why is her clothes like all of her outfits layered over top of one another.

Doris: sniff sniff

Manganese is enjoying that entirely too much.


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