A Boy Named Lynn

Kay: Great-grand babies… zzz…

Okay, we have one space left. Maybe I’ll let Argon and Kay see their great-grand babies… at least one of them.

This guy named Lynn was hanging around the house, although I couldn’t tell you why he was there for the life of me. He seemed to be talking to Argon, though.

Before Doris so rudely interrupted.

Doris: So I don’t understand politics at all… What is up with the speeches they give?

There’s a new Supernatural item whose name I don’t know, because I prefer to call it a Tragic Eight Ball.  One of the questions, funnily enough, is ‘should I have children?’ So I’ll have Nickel ask it, and if it says no I’ll have Doris ask it. That way it’s fair to decide who gets to have a kid first.

Nickel: Tragic Eight Ball, can I have my baby before Doris?

8 Ball: Yes.


There’s a bee box or something, so why not get it.

Nickel:  Ow! How did I get stung? How do I even feel pain without a body?

Smoke those bees! Show them who’s boss!

The other thing is the jelly bean bush, which can kill a sim, I’m pretty sure. There’s a jelly bean bush ghost, anyway. Therefore, I thought it would be safest if Nickel were the one to try it, being dead and all.


The jelly bean bush is going on time out for now.

The ‘whack-a-gnome’ game can be changed to whack a fairy, werewolf, witch, or vampire, which seems a bit… racist.

YOU CAN GET HUGE THINGS OF MONEY FROM THE CLAW MACHINE. One of the bags was like 8,000 simoleons. And, yes, I say ‘one’ of the bags. This thing is nearly as addictive as a real claw machine. Perhaps moreso because I don’t have to pay to play it.

A zombie showed up to the wedding party. It wasn’t until later that I learned this, but she’s a vampire zombie.

Which seems obvious now looking at the glowing eyes, but how was I supposed to know whether zombies had glowing eyes or not?

Everyone at the wedding was more concerned with the zombie and the weird lighting her presence caused than the fact that we were going to attempt a double wedding.

The key word here is ‘attempt’.

Nickel and Casper were the first to get through the crowds to the wedding arch, and at first I thought they’d gotten married without the animation. I mean, the hearts fell down and the music played while Casper was standing there, and Nickel popped out straight from nowhere.

Casper: I have to pee.

But then it turned out that Manganese and Doris had gotten married without waiting to get to the arch.

And then our zombie vampire starved to death… re-death? I still didn’t know she was a vampire because it might make sense for a zombie to crumble into dust when it starved.

Death finally gets to attend a wedding! 😀

Notice Nickel and Casper saying their vows, completely unaware of poor Heather’s demise.

Death: I finally managed to catch a family wedding!

Notice the hearts pouring down from the wrong arch, because apparently double weddings screw things over.

Heather: So you’re death.

Death: So you’re a zombie vampire ghost.

And then they had the longest ‘get in the grave’ staring contest I’ve ever seen. I’m keeping this ghost, by the way. Zombie vampires for the win.

Speaking of zombies, here’s another one.

Death: So now that I’m done with work, maybe I can spend some time with my family.

Death: This is a big house… maybe Vanadium could use some help around here…

Vanadium: Hey… uh, it’s getting a little confusing with all the greats, so can we just call you Pop-pop or something like that?

Death: That’s fine. Your husband can’t wait for you to join him again.

Vanadium: That is as heartwarming as it is morbid.

Vanadium: YAY! I shook hands with Death!

This man is named Stacy. He turned into a werewolf. I guess you could say he’s a real party animal.

He heads inside and plays on the piano. All. Night. Long.

The zombie isn’t a party guest, though, so he can’t get in the house.

Zombie: This glass door is blocking my way!

This bodes well for the zombie apocalypse. I mean for, like, the survival of the human race through the zombie apocalypse. It bodes poorly for the zombie side.

Ex-zombie: Well, off to my job as a tattoo artist!

Wait, what?


3 thoughts on “A Boy Named Lynn

  1. Hahah, this update is fantastic! I got Supernatural the day it came out, but not a lot has happened with it yet. I can’t wait to try out the new items!

    I also thought it was very odd how the zombies just humanized (simmized??) and ran off in the morning. O.o

  2. I think you kind of mixed up Vanadium and Nickel in the beginning.
    Anyway I liked how you used the not magic 8 ball to decide who would have the first baby.
    Nice of you to invite Death to the wedding…

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