The Couch of Shame

I have Supernatural now, thanks to my family (they apparently don’t want me to do well in college). I have some pictures to get through before I can play Supernatural with this family, so I’m alternating between writing this post and doing reading assignments. Caption, stanza, caption, stanza.

Fixing the dishwasher is officially Nickel’s responsibility, because I’m *pretty* sure she can’t get shocked.

Hey, um, Manny? You going to answer that?

Manganese: What? Oh, sure.

Manganese feels that changing into his civilian clothes would be the best way to use his time when he needs to be putting out a fire.

Manganese: I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this!


Man: I’m burning out here!

Woman: But we’ll burn if we go in the house, too!

Yeah, their options aren’t very good.

Or they wouldn’t be if the fire had actually been inside the house. -_-

How do you make a fire in a random part of the lawn in the middle of the day… as vampires?

Nickel: So now it’s legal for us to go out with each other…

Casper: I have to go work at the bookstore in my graduation robes.

Nickel: Humph.

Here we see Cobalt and Iron leaving the house just as Doris is coming in.

Cobalt: I’m not happy with how quickly I’m being replaced.

Manganese: So… I’m a firefighter.

Doris: That’s so cool! *thinking* That involves a lot of water, doesn’t it…

Birthday party for Doris because she’s still a teen!

She ages up all in white, which is probably symbolic of something. Maybe innocence. Or the fact that she will be a bride shortly.

Traits… traits… traits… Doris is a slob. She’s hydrophobic, as we’ve seen, and charismatic. She is also family-oriented and rebellious, two traits which gave me a difficult time when I did her makeover because they seem to imply things on the opposite end of the spectrum, fashion-wise. Doris’s LTW is to be a rock star.

Manganese: Now that it’s not creepy for me to ask, do you want to move in with me?

Doris: Oh yes.

Here she is! I think I did a pretty good job of making a motherly rock star look for her…

Casper: What is this mysterious drink doing here?

Manganese: No idea. Seriously.

I don’t have any idea what it does, either. It must be from a chemistry set thing, but I don’t know what potion it could be.

Casper: Well, no Mendeleev has ever met a drink they didn’t like, so bottom’s up!

It was a handiness skill gain drink.

Nickel: Hey, you’re back from work.

Casper: Yup! And I want to kiss you.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Manganese: So I know that, if I wanted to, I could be the town bike, since most of the girls in town are just dating girls because it’s boobs or nothing for them…

Manganese: But I want to pledge myself to you instead!


A man proposing… I don’t think this has ever happened in my legacy before.

Then Casper proposes to Nickel! Double wedding all the way across the sky?

Casper is allowed to do this because he has the same last name anyway, and I was in love with the novelty of a man proposing to a woman. That is, like, a complete gender role reversal in this legacy.

Manganese: Uh… what’s going on?

Flapper chick: It’s dress-down day. You didn’t get the memo?

Pajama guy: Go sit on the couch of shame with that other girl! She forgot it was dress-down day too! BOO!

Manganese did not need to sit on the couch of shame, because he was called away from work for graduation.

Manganese: I hope no one burns down a house while I’m graduating.

Cobalt: I could be drinking right now.

Spoken like a true Mendeleev.

While graduation happened, I was watching this love triangle unfold before my very eyes. The elder guy was alternating between flirting with one woman, then flirting with the other.

Vanadium: Manganese, aren’t you going to graduation?

Manganese: I think I like this book better.

Nickel: I’m so glad the school bought me an ethereal graduation robe! And they only needed to sacrifice the lunch program to afford it!

There was absolutely no way I was NOT going to take this opportunity.

If I clicked on that little ‘x’, I might as well have failed the legacy.

Now on to the bachelor party!

The party is technically Manganese’s, because you can’t throw joint parties. But let’s pretend it’s for both of them anyway.

Vampire: So if my house catches on fire again, I won’t burn?

Manganese: Alcohol is flammable.

Vampire: 😦

Cobalt: I will have you killed.

Casper: What, are you going to have a criminal coworker shoot me?

Cobalt: If you’re lucky.

Casper: Take this!

Cobalt: Okay, the mafia’s too good for this guy. Time to call on my great-great… great… um… grandfather!

Guest: Well damn.

Cobalt: Dammit great… uh… dammit grandpa! I didn’t mean for him to die!The party dancers thought this would be a great time to show up. One is Honey something-or-other, and the other was called Justine Time. I don’t need to show both of them because the party dancer industry runs on cloning technology, I’m sure.

Death: … Okay, I don’t really know your name. But Cobalt wanted me to kill you?

Cobalt: NO NO NO! I wanted you to kill Casper! 😦

Death: Sorry sweetie.

He still has his cane. That’s beautiful.

And the party dancers don’t notice anything.

Justine: Girl look at that body… girl look at that body… girl look at that body… I work out!

And it wouldn’t be a Mendeleev party if they weren’t all crowding around the bar like the alcoholics they are.

Chromium: D: I can’t party sober! Someone just died!

That’s not even the guy who died at the party.

Man: Honey, I’d love to work on a sculpture of you… if you know what I mean.

Honey: I really don’t.

Danny’s ghostliness makes alcohol invisible. 😀

And that’s all I have for today!


3 thoughts on “The Couch of Shame

  1. Awesome party there! I usually have someone die at mine as well…every time. I had one where there was a tiny tiny tiny pool there, and guess what everyone wanted to do at the same time? skinny dip. all 20 of them at the bar

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