Lesbians Everywhere

Nickel: I think you’ve forgotten your second, hotter heir in your excitement about Manganese growing up. I was only in three pictures last chapter, and you only really focused on me in one of them.

I had to deal with the new house and Manganese taking over…

Nickel: I make the straight girls go gay, and I make everybody go necrophiliac, so you best recognize.

Iron: So would you guys pay attention to me if I was the town bike?


At least she wouldn’t be getting pregnant. There are like, no men in town practically.

The ‘ghosts staying forever’ problem was solved by the new house, I think. I wonder who’s still up and haunting.


Wait… NICKEL?!?

Apparently putting Nickel’s grave out with the other ones makes two of her?

Nickel: I’m not sharing my heirship with somebody ELSE now, too.

I tried to see what would happen if the two met, but unplayable!Nickel vanished.

Nickel: This much awesomeness can’t exist in one room. It’s a true fact; I read it in a book.

Casper: It would have been nice to have two of them…

Nickel: That better be me in your thought bubble, and not that knockoff!

Nickel: I can’t wait to have babies…

Then she floated through the air…

In order to get to the computer which was still on the ground level of the house. Was that really necessary?

Nickel: Got you to take a picture!

The elders continue to wear fur coats in the shower… I don’t know if it’s senility or if they’re worried about imaginary friends peeping at them. Which is a very real issue. Or do they have a never nude trait that I’ve completely forgotten?

Manganese has the lifetime wish to be a firefighting superhero and save such-and-such lives… I don’t really remember how many. I thought it would be interesting to play and I kind of want the Mendeleevs riding around in a firetruck because we don’t have any of the police cruisers.

No one was at the station, but he still managed to get a job somehow…

Manganese: I hired myself.

Argon, just keep working on that skill point you need for a promotion. She’s two promotions away from her LTW, and she’s at the top of her performance bar, so she might actually get it if she lives long enough.

Kay’s team has been on a major losing streak, so I don’t think there’s much hope for her.

Cobalt: …drugs…

Iron: …drugs…

The heirs just happen to be working out in the same room. Manganese needs athletic for his promotions… it can’t hurt anyway… but I don’t know what’s got Nickel on a sudden fitness kick.

Nickel: I want to lose weight.

You weigh, what, zero pounds?

Nickel: I need to fit into my prom dress.


She’s not actually at the house to repair anything, and I don’t think she’s any more than barely an acquaintance for any of the sims in the house.

So… prom is the same day that you can be caked.

Nickel: We can wait until after prom for that, right? I have a wish locked in.

Of course I’m going to let the girls go to prom.

Right. Cobalt wants world peace.

Cobalt: If at all possible, I would like the world to submit to my rule peacefully.

Either Casper, a grown man, is at prom avoiding his bride-to-be, or…

Nickel: Why can’t I have a lesbian lover on the side?

And it would need to be a girl, because there are no available boys. Speaking of lesbians…


Nickel: She found another woman. D:

This school is 90% lesbians, I’m telling you. Manganese, the only guy, graduated. Out of the girls, Doris is with Manganese and straight, and Nickel is apparently bi… or at least experimenting.

Nickel’s prom photo is great. XD

Nickel: You can’t see my beautiful prom dress. 😡

You’re insane, dear. You went in your everyday outfit.

Now it’s time for birthdays! Iron goes first because she’s technically older than the twins even though they’re the same age… confused? I am.

Then the twins go together because it would take forever if all three girls went separately.

Iron is now a bookworm… STOP BEING BELLA SWAN.

Cobalt is a computer whiz, so she can hack into the government to perpetrate her evil deeds. Go forth and commit heinous crimes, my dear. *sniffle*

And Nickel is a savvy sculptor, much like her husband-to-be. They’re not technically engaged yet.

The game’s pretty weird when it comes to customizing the ghosts. Sometimes they show up as ghosts and sometimes living sims. Nickel was the latter, so here’s a nice picture of what she would look like if she were alive.

Will there be weddings? Will the elders survive the next chapter? And who is Nickel’s crush?


One thought on “Lesbians Everywhere

  1. This was a fun chapter. Intriguing how that cake is still on the counter…
    ‘Manganese: I hired myself!’ Funny
    He’s gonna be a firefighter! Yeah.
    Also liked Nickel having a crush on the side..And Cobalt wanting world peace. The end..

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