A New Gener8tion

Hey, so I haven’t had much time to update what with college and homework and, oh yeah, rebuilding the Mendeleev house because there aren’t enough bedrooms for all of the heirs. Plus the two kitchens thing didn’t work out; they kept going from one house to another without any reason. (IE: Wake up and go all the way to the other house for a bowl of cereal.) So this is just a little filler chapter of a bit before and a bit after the rebuild.

Danny, why are you balding. D:

Danny: I miss my hair. 😦

I guess he’s a full adult now?

Cobalt got put in time out for missing the bus I think… if not, then the time out certainly made her miss the bus anyway.

Her punishment was to watch Casper having fun on the trampoline. Casper was the one that got her in trouble, anyway. It’s a good thing that Nickel wasn’t the one in trouble, because that would get a bit weird…

Potassium: I’m wearing my fur coat in the tub because I don’t want anyone invisible to see me naked. Obviously.

That’s… a little paranoiad.

Potassium: It’s not paranoia if they’re really there.

And Manganese is an adult now! His final trait is vehicle enthusiast, so maybe the family will actually get a car now. I guess this also makes this the first chapter of  GENERATION EIGHT.

My god these numbers are getting so high I can barely count them.

I look away for a few seconds and look. Fire. Luckily the ghosts were on it! Nickel also helped a bit.

Just as I was looking for an excuse for the whole family to leave the lot… graduation! Manganese’s graduation glitched though so they went back to the lot.

Booted out of the taxi less than a minute into their journey and Kiki is there too, although I thought imaginary friends had to stay on the home lot.

Cobalt: Do you SEE what I deal with?

Back to the lot, where Manganese decides to rummage through the garbage.

This is like, literally the first action he’s done as heir. -_-

And, yes, that’s Kiki in the background.

Kiki: Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Nickel somehow ends up drinking in a neighbor’s house, which I figured out because they said she was being inappropriate.

Nickel: My house up and disappeared. I need me my alcohol.

Danny found Vanadium’s new bed after I built the house. Why can’t my living sims find their beds so easily?

Ellie: I got a memory of seeing a ghost.


Ellie: BOO.

I’m… not sure if a ghost has ever actually done that before.

Ellie: I’m finally embracing my death. 🙂

So YEAH. This is the newest iteration of the Mendeleev house, ripped from an online house plan site, except for the parts where they thought people ought to be able to navigate intelligently through small spaces… not going to happen.

This is a little weird writing this while my college friend is reading about Ellie’s Chinese adventure right across the room from me.

I thought I’d give you a few pictures just of the house, just to show the awesome future walls I used for it. This is the foyer. Is is foy-ER or foy-YAY? Ones the fancy one, right? I’m not even sure what goes into a foyer, but that’s what the house plan says it is.

Family room… god this is empty. :/

Maybe I’ll fill it with cool Supernatural stuff, because I WILL get supernatural. And there WILL be zombies.

Bathroom, because we all want to see that.

The toilet is so shiny. *u*

Pretty study.


Casper… doesn’t have a lifetime wish. I tried to edit one on in create-a-sim, but that doesn’t seem to work. If he had one, though, it would be descendent of Da Vinci, mastering inventing, sculpting, and painting.

The bathroom seems to be a hotspot for talking, which is why I’ve built like a GAZILLION of them, but for some reason once they’ve chosen a shower, they want THAT shower.

Argon: Can’t you talk in another bathroom?

Manganese: Can’t you shower in another bathroom?

Argon: My hips are old, boy! I can’t be climbing those stairs!

Don’t die, Potassium!

Danny’s death has me really worked up about electronics, now.

I haven’t lost anyone to fire, so inventing? Not so much. Casper seems to be a prodigy. I don’t remember how fast any of my other sims have been at inventing, but he seems to be cranking stuff out one right after the other.

Um, the first lesson of handiness is to unplug it first…

Potassium: If I die because you had to work out with THIS stereo instead of the perfectly nice one across the room…

Argon: Relax. We’re going to die soon anyway, our age bars are full. 🙂

Potassium: That’s morbid.

Gah… I’m going to miss you guys. ;_;

And then the person who needed the stereo died, so it disappeared.

I was sort of hoping I’d get to keep it.

This is where Argon and Potassium are sleeping right now; it’ll be turned into a nursery once they’re gone.

I see absolutely no problem with putting the toddlers in the same room as a fireplace. None at all.


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