C-c-c-combo Breaker!

The results are in… and by that I mean I finally got time to play, since college orientation has kept me busy busy busy. Breakfast served at like seven and all that. Didn’t get back from the jousting match until midnight last night, but I’m not going to pretend anyone cares about this. GO YELLOW KNIGHT!

Nickel was ahead for a while, and she was ahead when I started playing this chapter, but then it was a tie between Nickel and Manganese. After careful consideration, I decided that they could both be heir, with spouses living with them. After Argon and Potassium die that means there will be room for three kids in the house. And I’m rebuilding the house soon anyway so the number of bedrooms won’t be an issue.

Manganese will still be my favorite because he’ll be the first male heir. All the other heirs were girls.

Nickel: All of the other heirs were corporeal.


Yes. You will be making babies, so get used to it.

Also do your homework so you can get nice grades and a good final trait. Don’t get unlucky or loser or anything, because I’m pretty sure they won’t help you with you being dead already.

Oh yeah, the vampire’s still here.

Casper: What are you doing in my HOUSE?

YOUR house? Did we forget who was the figment of a dead girl’s imagination until a few hours ago (game time)?

Argon: Still got it!

I love you two, but… oh yeah. Sims don’t need to have babies within the first week of becoming an adult. Maybe remembering that would solve space issues in the future.

I was going to say don’t live so long that it takes forever to make heirs but… carry on.

Reuben FINALLY aged into a child… I’m pretty sure he’s chronologically older than the twins. I sent Vanadium over to check it out.

Vanadium: But I want to see Nickel’s ghost!

The novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet?

So here he is. I’m disappointed that none of the kids from the main family were able to play with him because he was a toddler for-freaking-ever. It’s funny that his mother hates children, because his childhood is abnormally long.

And by funny I mean sort of sad.

Reuben: Wait… that woman in the house is my mother?

Turns out Casper’s a young adult, which is strange because he has only four traits. Here he is graduating from a school he never attended.

Argon: What’s wrong dear?

Cobalt: I’m trying to go to the graduation ceremony but I can’t.

There’s a ghost in the way, which they could walk through if they wanted.

Argon: Don’t faint don’t faint don’t faint…

Cobalt: I should go fishing sometime. πŸ™‚

Someone left the door open.

We’re not air conditioning the outside, people!

I love this mood let, by the way. No one ever imagines their imaginary friends pooping or things like that.

No one normal, I guess.

Manganese just plops down in front of city hall to do homework while this couple flirts.

Manganese: I’ll never be happy like that with Doris… 😦

But Manny! You’re ALSO heir!

Manganese: πŸ˜€

What’s with the face?

Nickel: I just decided I want to have twenty friends. And the way my mom’s lifetime wish is going, that’s never going to happen.

But I’ve done that one before! With a vampire. But still.


Vanadium: It’s a beautiful centerpiece. Nothing like eating a hotdog while staring at uncooked wienies.


Duh-nuh duh-nuh.


Kiki: HELLO.


Okay… can I ask what’s going on? Do I want to know?

Vanadium was rummaging through a neighbor’s trashcan, and she MISSED.

True love is jumping on a trampoline in unison.

Cobalt: Hey. Pay attention to me! Why am I not heir? I’m evil and awesome!

Sorry, the people have spoken.

Cobalt: I will get my revenge.

Kiki: Well hello!

Cobalt: Get away from me, freak!


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