Argon’s Death

Last chapter ended on a cliffhanger… which at first wasn’t going to be resolved because I took so many pictures, but screw reasonable chapter length.

Iron: We did it. We managed to fit four people on the bus.

Manganese: Just don’t let go, Cobalt, or I’ll land in traffic.

Cobalt: Wouldn’t dream of it. *shifty eyes*

Nickel: It occurs to me that we picked the WORST person for anchor duty…

Unfortunately, this means that the teacher couldn’t fit on the bus, so they went on the field trip by themselves.

Actually, that sort of makes it less sketchy, seeing as most of the ‘teachers’ are clearly NOT teachers.

Maybe they did need a chaperone, though, because they all missed the bus back home.

Except Nickel, which makes me think that they all missed the bus because they were reacting to Nickel’s ghostliness.

Nickel: Serves them right if they’re not used to it by now.

My god I love Nickel’s formalwear. If she’s not heiress I might send her to the grave as a teen and have her haunting the house. I think having a teen ghost would be cool.

Iron: How did we get to the grocery store?

Cobalt: Don’t know.

Latosha: Just pretend you don’t know them…

Bitch. And after I went through SO much trouble for you and Chromium.

Nothing much happened until the next afternoon, when Cobalt brought home Elaina from school.

Cobalt: I figure someone should stick up for helmet girl. :/

Aw, you’re actually nice, aren’t you?

Cobalt: I will remove your eyes and use them as Christmas ornaments.

Iron: Doo doo doo… being responsible and paying the bills…

Why are you in this random house?

Nickel: Elaina came home with Cobalt. And you can’t fit FIVE people on the bus. That’s just ridiculous.

While I was looking for Nickel, I discovered something.

Oh hey. My whole reason for wanting to make Casper real? I had it in my game the whole time.

It’s like how Dorothy could get home whenever she wanted, but instead of not knowing because Glinda wouldn’t tell me until I murdered someone, I just didn’t know it because why did I not realize this?

Maid: Nicolle just saw a ghost imaginary friend urinating. She will never forget the sight of this spooky apparition. No matter how much she may want to.

Nickel: So, is there like any way that we can see if grandma’s dead or something?

Cobalt: Whoa whoa whoa. Evil trait. I have a reputation to uphold.

Nickel: But you’re friends with helmet girl.

Cobalt: I will make you double dead if you mention that again. Now, caring about family members is NOT part of my evil reputation.

Cobalt: Wait. Lightbulb. I throw a totally kicking party, parents have to come home early, it’s like Murphy’s Law or something. And if grandma’s not dead, it means I get to ruin their vacation. Awesome.

Nickel: I hope you know what you’re doing.

Cobalt: The trick is to act like you do.

Then Cobalt heads straight for the bar.

Cobalt: If the police are going to bust this party, they’re not going to be busting some kindergarten book club. There’s gonna be booze and shit.

Then I realized that Manganese is, like, the only teenaged boy in the town. The need to turn Casper into a real boy returns. Unfortunately, the game thinks there are too many sims in the household, but I’m 90% sure that 3 adults and 4 teens make 7 sims.

Doris: Isn’t this the coolest house, Elaina?

Elaina: Why are we with all the dead people?

Even though there’s not much competition, Manganese decides to take the chance to turn his sort-of-girlfriend into his real girlfriend.

Elaina: Good job getting the only boy in school, Doris! *secretly hates her friend*

Manganese: Would you like to go steady with me, Doris?

Manganese is now two for two in picking the MOST romantic places to have relationship milestones.

Then I realized that the girls all have, like, the same face.

I took it upon myself to randomize all of their faces for more diversity.

Upstairs, the party is going strong.

Cobalt: I made drinks and set the music up to loud. Why aren’t the police showing up?

Cobalt: Hey, you know what would really heat up the party? Girl on girl action. All the rich people around here would be totally scandalized.

Elaina: I’m not gay…

Cobalt: Sucks to be you, because you’re sure not going to find any guys in this town!

Soon after that, Cobalt gets a tip that the police are on their way… why do teens always get a heads up when the neighbors call the police?

Cobalt: I don’t know about other teens with parties, but I have sources in the police department.

Policeman: Hm… doesn’t look like anything’s going on.

Cobalt: Score.

I’m pretty sure that the adults coming home early is a separate thing from the police coming, so Cobalt broke up the party before anything happened.

Nickel: How many times do we need to discuss ghost etiquette?

Where’d that come from?

Iron: A ghost left it here.


Jk it’s a ghost potion. She’s fine.

Elaina came home with Cobalt AGAIN after school. But immediately turned around and left.

Nickel: Hey, I just realized that there are seven people in the house and not eight. Wanna be real?

HOLY– we have a visitor? And we didn’t invite them? Someone let Tatiana in before she burns to death!



Casper is a shy loser who is also hot-headed and has a knack for sculpting. He is basically property of whichever girl wins heirship (if Manganese is not heir) because there are no boys in town. If Manganese wins, I’ll probably have him knock up some of the townie girls so there are kids who can actually be married into the family next generation.

So… you’re alive?

Argon: Yes. Of course I am.

But the game said you died.

Argon: The vacation was the perfect opportunity to fake my death so I wouldn’t have to pay my bills.

Argon: And it WORKED. I came home and the bills were gone.

That’s because Iron paid them…

Argon: 😀

Alright. See you next time, guys. Possibly heir vote after.


2 thoughts on “Argon’s Death

  1. Glad to see Argon still alive. Also it’s just like her to fake her own death just so she doesn’t have to pay the bills.
    I also never knew there was such a thing as a ghost IF, fascinating.
    Loved all the teen stuff.

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