In Which We End On A Cliffhanger

Last time, Vanny tried doing reporter stuff and it wasn’t working out for her. This time… different things.
Doo doo doo. Just working on a relationship to bring the imaginary friend to life. Since there’s no real place to put it, I’m just going to go right out and say that the way that Nickel’s voice echoes is flipping awesome.

Iron: Hey, grandma, here’s an awesome idea. How about YOU clean the dishes, and I don’t. Crazy, right?

Argon: Maybe when you start brushing your teeth without being reminded, we can negotiate chores.

Iron: But I always end up poking myself in the eye… or tripping and having the toothbrush lodged in my throat.

Ffff… NICKEL. You’re supposed to be *raising* your relationship with the thing.

Nickel: It’s not my fault he’s a big DOODY HEAD.

Danny made the imaginary friend potion, so now he’s just going to make some spares for future generations.

Vanadium was going to the town hall to sue for slander because the occult she was woohooing was her DAMN HUSBAND YOU BIGOTED JERKS. This problem will only get worse in Supernatural where every sim is going to be, like, a fairy or something.

The main focus of this picture is the speech bubble in the corner though. That’s nice, Nickel. Really nice. It says ‘my dad likes to fart!’ if you can’t read it.

I’m too lazy to crop these pictures right now.

Apparently the pools in the afterlife are better than the ones in the mortal realm, because the pool in front of the house destroyed Phosphorus’s body.

Phosphorus: I”m going to go play with the computer instead.

Nitrogen: Hey guys. 😀

Thanks for waking everyone up, Nitrogen. I’m pretty sure this was a school night, too.

Nickel: Do I float through you when YOU’RE sleeping? I don’t think so!

This is a completely ludicrous amount of ghosts.

Argon: Coward trait… activating…

And there’s at least one (besides Nickel) that’s not in the room.


Lithium: I feel like I’m lighter than air!

You probably are.

Cobalt went home with a friend after school the next day. What’s her name? I don’t know.

Girl: Dad, the cat’s hungry again. Why can’t we buy it a food bowl?

Dad: Because townie sims are required by contract to keep their houses furnished exactly as they got them.

Mom: Why are you doing homework out here, honey?

Girl: Because Cobalt stole my desk.

Cobalt: I’m writing about how we’re completely justified in dropping radiation bombs on anyone who dares oppose our country.

Cobalt: Then once they’re all dead, we flatten the cities and use that space for farming, thus solving world hunger. This sort of problem is amazingly easy to fix if you have no regard for human life.

Cat: I like how this girl thinks.

Cobalt: A+ on my world hunger report for sure!

Cobalt thanks her host for having her by punching her fist through the girl’s torso.

Cobalt: Now when you become a teen you’ll still be flat-chested, and boys will want to date me instead.

Cobalt: That’s what it means to be evil. Taking down whoever stands in your way.

Girl: *is in too much pain from internal bleeding to speak*

Whoah. Um. You guys are like ten, right? Um… moving on.

It is time for ‘heir lessons,’ which the older generation tends to give to the younger potential heirs.

Argon: So what you want to do is get big piles of money. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you make the family rich… er. Richer.

Argon: And get a burglar alarm. It usually takes the public services like an hour to respond to emergencies, but sometimes it DOESN’T and they show up in time to catch the burglar.


If you weren’t a ghost, I’d be really concerned about this.

Cobalt: I just got the memory of Nickel Mendeleev’s ghost! I’ll never forget the sight of that spooky apparition.


Danny throws a birthday party for the girls, and Doris shows up. Doris is a girl who is Manganese’s romantic interest from prom.

Doris: Ew, my sort of boyfriend’s ghost dad!

Danny: Bitch I will haunt your ass.

Manganese had his first kiss in the bathroom which was really romantic.

But really, if they were outside the whole family would probably have negative reactions because heaven forbid we have any displays of affection.

Iron: That awkward moment when you’re suddenly a triplet.

The is what Nickel looks like in the create-a-sim thing. D8

She’s also apparently the only kid to inherit dark hair.

I thought it might be a glitch thing so I exited and had Nickel go to the mirror again.

Nickel: I can’t get to the mirror!!!


Nickel just had a lot of issues with that makeover.

I love Iron, but she looks like she’s a face clone of Vanadium. Iron’s now frugal.

This is what Nickel looks like. I couldn’t really tell in CAS so I had to guess about what hairs wouldn’t turn her face into a mass of glowing. Nickel is an animal lover.

And Cobalt rolled star-quality. I think both of the twins have a pretty good mix of genetics. Everyone has a way to go before they become adults though so the heir poll isn’t going to be put up *just* yet.

Danny got sent back to the afterlife because he’s dead and therefore sort of earned his right to do whatever he wants on the legacy lot. Also, I need an empty space to an imaginary friend.

It’s not like he’s not going to be coming back. Almost every night.

Casper: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Nickel: Are you on drugs or something? Imaginary drugs?

Vanny and the other adults are off to a free vacation (after I checked to make sure that none of them were due to age up during said vacation).

Aw that little puppy is about to be squashed!



Next time… oh my god did Argon DIE? I don’t even know at this point.


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