Vanny’s Big Scoop

I’m pretty confident in my ability to take good screenshots using the Mac screenshot function rather than the game function, so I’m back!Picture of Cobalt… because?

Iron: YES! A ghost! Awesome!

Nickel: I hope you’re not going to do that every time you see me. I’m your sister.

And Danny can float, apparently. At lest, as long as he thinks he’s walking up the steps.

I know better than to trust that a rainbow gem is going to show itself, so  Danny’s job is to find potions so that he can make the imaginary friend one eventually. I want a ghost imaginary friend kid, even if Nickel’s not the heir I want to at least MAKE one.

Speaking of Nickel, I love her because she can walk through walls and it’s cool. She takes the most direct route to any part of the house.

Right now she’s playing tag with Casper.

Casper: No fair, you can go through things!

Nickel: Oh, I’m hungry. Time to go to the fridge!

Ghosts are cool.

Phosphorus: You got a trampoline. 😀 I missed jumping up and down.

Your grandfather rules the afterlife, which apparently has an awesome pool and who knows what else because all of my ghosts wear swimwear, and you feel the need to find your entertainment in your family’s backyard.

Phosphorus: Well people are always ON the trampoline of the dead, and you can’t go over the limit because that would be dangerous.

You’re de… nevermind.

Ghosts can apparently be singed, and the chemistry set won’t let Danny keep working until he’s taken a shower.

Danny: I appreciate your concern for my safety, inanimate object, but I don’t think I can catch on fire.

Vanadium: Danny? Stop what you’re doing for a moment, there’s something I want to try with the treehouse…

Manganese, what did you do to your beautiful hair? D:

Manganese: I was having a mood swing.

Manganese: Time for school! Those waffles will be fine in the oven until I get back.

Screw you.

Then Danny put down his hot dog and floated across the lot to put out the fire on his own, because Danny is awesome and I think he’s like my favorite spouse now.


Oh no oh no the closest shower is across the lot…

Oh no oh no oh no…

Made it.

Why are you still in your graduation robes, Darrin?

Actually, I’m pretty sure he changed OUT of them at some point, because Scandium had a pool party (sans pool) and he was there giving flowers to the other guests. Which means the question is, why did he get BACK into his graduation robes.

Vanadium: I need to get a story for my job so… anything newsworthy?

Scandium: Well, I saw this guy behind the school take out a shovel…

Scandium: And dig a hole… *digging motions*

Scandium: And he shoved this big trash bag in. Whatever was in it smelled pretty bad.

Scandium: And then he was all, “Nobody’s ever going to find this body HERE.”

Vanadium: I was thinking I’d write an article on you.

Scandium: Oh OK.

Argon: I got a promotion to level 8!

Manganese: That’s so cool, grandma!

Argon: If you want to help, you can try this thing. It can’t do anything that a band-aid won’t fix. Band-aids fix everything.

Manganese: Um… are you sure this is legal? Giving me a highly experimental drug?

Argon: It’s only illegal if they catch you.

Can you imagine swallowing something that big?

No. Don’t answer that.


Argon: Okay… definitely will NOT work to reduce hair loss.

No one but Scandium was impressed with the nice report Vanny wrote, so Vanadium goes over to talk to Latosha, who refuses to do an interview because she doesn’t know Vanadium that well. Easy enough fix, right?

Latosha does person person minus for every interaction. EVERY INTERACTION. It’s like she’s got something personal against Vanadium, because she acts like she’s into whatever Vanny’s saying until it’s time for person person plus/minus. The very first interaction, Latosha’s like ‘don’t like kids!’ PERSON PERSON MINUS.

Latosha: Oh wait! I didn’t realize you were Vanadium Mendeleev the celebrity, who is totally awesome! I’ll cooperate now! Oh wait! Just kidding! PERSON PERSON MINUS.

Fine. Be that way.

Then the ‘interview’ option wouldn’t appear for some reason, so Vanny went home.

Cobalt: Question.


Cobalt: Do we actually have ANYONE in the family who’s a vegetarian?


Cobalt: Then why do the grown-ups keep cooking tofu dogs? Because I enjoy eating more when I know something died for my sake, wreathed in fear and pain.


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