A Shot in the Graveyard

Yay! Welcome back! Or not, if you happen to be reading this legacy straight through when you get to this post. Welcome back implies that you left which… you might not have?

In unrelated news, as I’m typing this one of the top searches for this blog is ‘French pee’. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever taken this family to France; I thought it was just China.

Legacy living is not the best occupation for coward sims. I’m so sorry, Argon. I hope she doesn’t faint at ghosts when she actually is one.

Speaking of ghosts (see what I did there?) Danny decides to head across the street to check up on Chromium and his family. He walks in on them in the bathroom, because I only saw Latosha and she wasn’t doing anything.

Chromium: Dude! I was peeing!

Danny: Then why was she in here?

Latosha: You don’t know my life!

Also, when Danny spoke with her he learned that she doesn’t like kids. Which explains why the baby is handed off to relatives. Sorry Latosha, but I wanted my legacy kids to have actual, out-of-the-house relatives that were their own age for once.

He’s adorable, though. I completely forget what he’s called.

It’s Iron’s first day of school.

Iron: Why do I have the feeling that I’ll trip down seven flights of stairs?

Manganese: We only have two stories in the school.

Iron: I’ll still manage it.

Kay: These ants aren’t doing anything.

I’m disappointed too. 😦

Kay: When are you going to change my clothes?


Argon’s doing a clinic thing with the shots or whatever. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just thought it would be fun because I never did one of these before.

Argon: It’s in the graveyard, so if I mess up I can just hide the body in the mausoleum.

Our first customer. 😀

Dude: That lady looks like a doctor. She also looks like she was hot when she was younger.


Argon: It’s not THAT bad.

Says the woman who faints every time she sees the ghosts of her ancestors. The ghosts of her nice, friendly ancestors.

Dude runs away right after.

Argon: I wanted to show him my grandchildren…

A bunch of guys came up and screamed when it happened too. The first person not to scream was…

This tourist chick. She looked pretty turned on, actually.

Argon: Wait, don’t you need this vaccination to get into the country…

Tourist: Shh…

Tourist: You have vaccinated me. I will make a sculpture in your honor, to capture your beauty for the ages… or until it melts, because for some reason you can only sculpt people out of ice.

She kept talking about things that made me think she was stealth hitting on Argon.

This woman was also pretty cool about getting a giant shot in her arm.

Woman: Dude, that was nothing. I once punched my arm through a wall.

Argon apparently missed some guys for the vaccination clinic, but they shouldn’t have arrived right at the end of the shift and/or stood right at the very edge of the lot where no one could see them.

Guy: Now we’re going to get the Sim Pox and DIE.

Okay, so… this woman is here to take the cats away. The cats are going away because they cannot freaking take care of themselves. I got two cats for a REASON, so they could interact with each other, but their idea of social interaction is, like, following a random sim around the house and not really interacting with them at all.

ASPCA lady: Ew a ghost. I was going to yell at him for his neglect, but my racism keeps me from doing it.

Um… yay?

And it’s Manganese’s birthday, the day the cats are taken away. That’s like the opposite of a birthday present.

He grew up to be a Great Kisser. Ladies.

He has a pretty face.

Vanadium:  Why did the cats have to be idiots and never interact with each other?

I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Guys, it’s time for birthdays!

And this is the part where I decided to update the game, which made it so screenshots didn’t save. Ffff. I found a workaround, where I take the screenshot with the computer, but it’s a bit of a pain. I’m not going to stop playing, but it might take me a little while to figure out how I want to go with this and get used to the controls.

Cobalt’s evil now! :DDDDD

Evil is my favorite favorite trait, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten it in this legacy before.

Cobalt: Automatic heiress?


Nickel’s now a snob.

Nickel: I’m adorable, and when I become a teen and actually care about that stuff, I’ll weigh literally nothing. I’m awesome.

These pictures didn’t turn out so bad (wrong size, too dark, etc.) as I thought, and I did find out how to take a screenshot in fullscreen mode without getting the interaction queue and all that in there, so there’s no need to worry about the Mendeleevs being stopped by this. Unless I forget and start taking screenshots with the C button again.


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