Your Daily Dose of Iron

Last time, I learned why you should never trust the Exchange and should tread lightly with CC coming from unknown creators. You can get the *weirdest* glitches.

Manganese: Look, Grandma! I’m insane like you are. Isn’t it creepy that my eyes are rolled back like this?

I hate how kids never look *up* when they’re looking at adults, they always look through their foreheads. Also, I keep trying to call Manganese Magnesium, just as a heads up in case I actually do that at some point. Chemists need to come up with names that are actually different from each other. *grumble*

Argon: Unimpressive.

In my opinion, Argon can out-creep Manganese even without her eyes rolling all back. So what’s the rest of the family doing?

(This question means that I took a bunch of pictures and have no real way to link them.)

Cobalt and Nickel are playing with their imaginary friends. Will I keep them? I don’t know yet. I think it would be cool if I could get a ghost/IF, but since Phosphorus couldn’t be a vampire until I got rid of her being an imaginary friend, I don’t think that sort of overlap would actually be possible.

Danny stops cooking to get a call on his phone, which I don’t approve of. Putting out a fire does not give you permission to start one, even if you won’t die from it.

I think I need to change this setup, because sims never end up going to the right tables. Not noticeable when you’ve got a whole party eating cake, but when a few sims are eating dinner? Yeah.

Argon: I mean, you think we’d have enough money to get an actual dining room with space for the whole family…

I’ll figure something out. Eventually.

Playing tag with grandma. I just kept it because I thought it was cute.

Danny: Okay, Cobalt, time for bed…

Um… you know that’s not the ghost twin, right?

Cobalt: I can’t feel my leg. O.O

Ghost routing. Love it.

Vanadium and Daniel actually get to snuggle now. It’s adorable.

He’d better soak it up now, because he’ll be on the couch again if Vanadium finds out what he did to Cobalt. Luckily, the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital was able to reattach Cobalt’s leg without too much lasting damage. Physically, at least. The kid’s traumatized.

Iron and Manganese are technically supposed to age up on the same day, but I decided to age up Iron early, but not Manganese. I don’t want the game to register him as *too* much older than his siblings, since he already skipped a life stage. I forget which trait Iron actually got this birthday, but I know she’s now insane, unlucky and clumsy. Oh my god she’s Bella Swan.

The moment of truth…

That went better than expected. I wonder why Iron doesn’t look so happy.

Iron: Because you’re going to want to save, and you missed some of the bad CC that gets hidden, so it’s going to freeze when you save.


Because I’m brilliant, I saved right after Iron aged up, and I only had to send her to the mirror and dresser again.

She does this, instead. As in, she changes clothes, walks outside, holds her nose (I’m pretty sure, it happened kind of fast), and does a belly flop into the pool outside. All of this without any pool actions in her queue, and the mirror is still up there, not crossed out.

Iron: I tripped and fell in the pool. 😦

That… that’s a special level of clumsiness there. That’s beyond Bella Swan, and beyond pretty much anything I’ve ever heard of. We need a padded room for this girl.

Luckily, Iron manages to get her look updated without much incident after that, AND it saves the right way this time. She still looks pretty upset about it.

Iron: Naw, I’m just glaring at Mr. Pool. He may have won the battle, but not the war.

Iron: Daddy, can I be an actress when I grow up?

Danny: Uh…

I’m seeing horrible things. Falling from the stage. Prop guns firing actual bullets. Hell, with Iron’s apparent level of clumsiness she might accidentally walk into the middle of a highway during a show. So it’s actually probably not any more dangerous than anything else she could be doing.

Manganese shouldn’t be able to see Pal or whatever Iron’s IF is called, but it’s pretty clear to me that he’s looking straight at him. Insane trait?

I find that, so far, Danny and Iron speak with each other autonomously a lot. It’s been not even a day that Iron’s been able to chat with adults and every time I check up on her she’s with Danny.

Danny: Happy birthday, princess.

Iron: I think my doll is alive…


Iron: I want to hear my deceased father tell ghost stories!

In another world, she would have been a ghost, too. ;_; Wait. Actually, it’s midnight and there’s school in the morning. Iron, you go to bed.

Iron: Aw.

Argon rushes off to work. It’s a good thing for the moodlet manager, or she’d never have a good night’s sleep. She gets out of her emergency jobs at like two and has to go back early in the morning.

Argon: There’s been a complication in replacing a small toddler’s leg, which was cut off by a wall.

Danny: And I’ve been able to keep it a secret until now. D:


3 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose of Iron

  1. The title was actually a bit personal to me – you almost certainly don’t care, but I’m anemic, meaning that I don’t have enough iron in me. I’m actually taking 27 mg of iron three times a day.

    (I misspelled day as gay and that’s funny because I’m female and your Iron is female. I need to stop Internetting.)

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