More Birthday Glitches

I would have got this up a little sooner, but I was too busy listening to the wonderful Fight Like a Girl by the ever-lovely Emilie Autumn. ♥♥♥

Advertisement over.

So last time, the game had crashed while I was trying to do Argon’s wardrobe. Luckily, it turns out that I saved last on the morning of the birthday, and I don’t think anything of much importance happened between then and the crash… except Iron learned how to walk. Oh well.

I just decided to speed things up and give them their birthday in the morning.

Kay: Oops. It was set on fire.

Please don’t die Argon. Please don’t die. I’ve had enough deaths this generation. Vanadium’s not even expecting a child right now, so please don’t die.

Argon: I’m old. 😦


Argon: Thanks for sticking your hand through my arm. Ow. 😦


Thank you Danny for putting out the fire! I, um… completely forgot to tell someone to do that because I was too focused on whether Argon was going to die.

Danny: I’m pretty sure I can’t get burned to death by this. 😀

Dying has its perks. I guess.

Like being invisible except for hair when viewed through a lighting fixture.

Second third time’s the charm, right? I’m preeeeetty sure I saved right after this.

Sulfur seems to have stayed overnight from the weddign.

Sulfur: She knows Potassium is done aging up, right?

WAIT. Isn’t Sulfur older than the twins? She’s the first-born.

Sulfur: One of my celebrity powers is eternal youth. 😀 JK, it’s plastic surgery.

Yay, Argon isn’t books!

You’ve got to be kidding me.


Luckily, the game lets me exit the dresser mode this time.

See? I even played around with the pose box to show off their new outfits. I think they’re both in formal. Potassium’s isn’t her favorite color or anything because I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible before the game exploded.

Sulfur’s celebrity powers also allow her to keep a keyboard in her pocket, and she decided to play outside.

Maid: Ew, it’s stinky in here.

Then do your job. And then she does. Because the maids I’m currently getting are awesome.

Also I got an ant farm because I never had one of those and I thought it might be interesting.

Then the game crashes again, and I remember that I’d downloaded some families from the Exchange to get some new faces in my neighborhoods. I’d gone for so long not trusting the bad CC from the Exchange that I forgot why I wasn’t using the Exchange in the first place.

b gb v

That was my face hitting my keyboard. It produced a lot less letters than expected.

One purge of bad CC later…

Iron, promise that you won’t age up with glitches.

Iron: No promises!

See? She cleans and stuff. This is ground-breaking.

Maid: Do you really need to take pictures of me working.

Sorry. It’s just that I think I’m in love with you.

Manganese: Can’t resist a kid in a tux.

I forgive you for your own glitchy birthday, okay? It didn’t crash the game, and I’m pretty sure I would have had to deal with four very small children in the family if you hadn’t become a child when you had.

Hey, look, a graduate! That just excited me because I realized right then that stuff was happening outside of the household without me. It’s not like sims only graduate when I’m watching a graduation myself.

Unless he just forgot to change into normal clothes, like plenty of graduates. I think I prefer the first one, which is more optimistic. The second option implies that he hasn’t bathed or slept since he’s graduated.

I think Vanadium’s already having a mid-life crisis, and she’s still a young adult.

Vanadium: There’s nothing wrong with being interested in your own appearance. Especially when you’re as beautiful as I am.

I always forget sims have the snob trait until they do things like that.

Vanadium: Thanks for putting that shelf right where I could impale my head on it, by the way.

You’re welcome.

Manganese: I painted Mommy and Daddy being reunited when Daddy became playable again. You can tell which one’s Daddy because he’s floating a little.

SO ADORABLE. *hangs and frames*

Potassium comes home after losing her game. Well, she didn’t personally lose it… I don’t think… I’m confused though, because she won that same game last time I played through this day.

Potassium: I wasn’t an elder then.

Oh. Aw.

Next time: hopefully less glitchiness? And a birthday!




One thought on “More Birthday Glitches

  1. First off: I LOVE Emilie Autumn, so I totally forgive you. Second, those glitches are really weird! I’ve had lots of strange glitches before, but no one’s ever turned into a pile of books.

    Even as an elder, I still really like Potassium 🙂

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