The Woman Who Was Books

Hey, I’m back from my building houses thing, where I fixed a floor, learned to use a planer, and pet a bunch of kitties. That last one was the most important of the three. Anyway, I sort of left you guys hanging with the wedding coming up, right?

Nickel: šŸ˜€


…and Potassium was apparently stuck standing in the bathroom for a while.

I’ll fix you with resetsim, just please don’t kill me.

Oh my lanta, those eyes…

Just as the guests started to come over for Vanadium’s party, Latosha started to go into labor. I should take some responsibility for this, since I’ve played through this period of time before and knew when Latosha would be giving birth. But, really, she should have stayed at home if she was so close to popping.

I didn’t get a picture, but she had a baby boy named Reuben.

And then the dog started to gnaw on the seating set out for our guests. They’re only folding chairs so it doesn’t really matter, but I feel that Chromium should keep a better handle on his family when they go out for weddings.

Calcium: That boy shouldn’t be out here so late. It’s almost midnight.

Come on, Cal. Everyone else is paying attention to the wedding that took SO MUCH to happen. Except that one guy, but I don’t know who he is so he doesn’t matter.

Vanadium: Daniel Mendeleev, I have always been faithful to you, and I have the reputation to prove it. I have even brought you back from freaking DEATH, for crying out loud, and I’m pretty sure none of the heroes in Greek legends who tried it ever did that successfully. So marry me now. Again.

Manganese: I can’t see my parents remarry because I’m stuck in my great-aunt’s butt!

Um… moving on…

How about some pictures of the wedding that are actually relatively nice? I say relatively because Vanadium’s still in her bathing suit.


Although no one managed to find seats, they all managed to pay attention to the wedding until the end, except Calcium.

And the dog, of course, but I never expected him to pay attention. Or be brought to a wedding, for that matter.

Manganese: I just did it for the cake.

Aw, you’re a cool little dude, Manganese. Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder, and by fonder I mean less hating him.

Wedding guest taking dirty toddler out of crib: good.

Wedding guest taking dirty toddler out of crib with that look on her face: not so good.

Wedding guest putting dirty toddler down because she forgot about the dirty diaper in the time it took to pick the toddler up: priceless.

Hey, Ellie, you missed a wedding.

Ellie: These kids are so distantly related to me that I’ve started losing track. :/ Did… er… Arsenic… get married already?

You’re just throwing out a random element and hoping it’s right.

Ellie: Er… no I’m not.


He’s a ghost, right? So there’s no way that he can get shocked by the computer and die!

Why are you sitting outside of Chromium’s house?

Schrodinger: I wanted to see the BABY.

I’m a little nervous of going over to see Reuben, since that’s when my game crashed last time. This is where I saved the game, and you can tell that stuff gets borked already if I’m mentioning that I saved the game.

Manganese, why don’t you go out and play in the park or something? Be cute for the readers.

Manganese: Too tired. Stayed up till midnight.

I took this picture because ghost carrying ghost is cute.

Danny: Yeah, Cherry, I fixed a computer without being electrocuted.


Vanadium teaches Iron to walk while the maid who is awesome leaves. I don’t think I’ve had a lazy maid around the house yet, which is awesome. AWE-SOME.

So cute. Iron finished her training, but I didn’t get a picture because I had two other pictures of learning to walk already.

Elder birthday time!

Double elder birthday time! I don’t think I’ve ever had twins aging up to elders before.

Potassium: I look awesome. No dresser needed.

That’s just the career clothes. I still wanted to give them clothes that suited their personalities more.

I shouldn’t have done that.

This is what Argon looked like when I took her to the dresser. The game thought she was books. If I held my mouse over her, different parts said things like ‘Where’s Bella?’ and ‘Charisma Volume 1’.

I checked to see if maybe changing clothes would snap her back to normal. Nope. Haha, silly glitch. I’ll just exit out of dresser mode and see if it was just a one time mistake… *click*… *click*… *clickclickclickclick*…

Yeah, so the game wouldn’t let me get out of dresser mode. Or do anything. All the buttons stopped working… -_- Potassium got her outfit changed just fine moments before, so I think it’s just a little mix-up thing, not a problem that will happen over and over again. Hopefully. Knock on wood.


2 thoughts on “The Woman Who Was Books

    • At this point, it’s mostly funny because I’d saved pretty recently and it was such a strange glitch. Hopefully the past tense is accurate in this case though, I haven’t checked yet.

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