Best Crash Ever

Welcome to the Mendeleev Legacy, the only legacy (that I know of) where we’re happy for the ‘ghosts staying out forever’ glitch, because of this:


I don’t think ghost coding lets them initiate conversations with the living, because I’ve never had that happen, but Danny’s still trying to be with his family.

Since the pregnancy is over and the repairman never showed up (probably because he knew it would be asking for death) Vanadium tries to fix the stereo. Don’t die don’t die don’t die.


Okay. Back away from the stereo. Go to work and don’t get electrocuted. Vanadium has a wish to sell the stereo. I think that’s for the best.

It’s a little weird that, for the most part, Danny is practically part of the family again even though he’s unplayable. Probably because he’s almost never gone back to his grave in the duration of his afterlife.  But I catch him doing normal things like sleeping or cooking more than I catch him haunting stuff.

Moveobjects on is such a wonderful cheat. Now the kids won’t wake up Manganese, who has to go to school in the mornings. Now I wonder if Manganese would still be a toddler if he hadn’t had a double birthday all on his own. Probably not but… *shudder*. Maybe I owe him an apology.

Went to check on Latosha, since she’s just across the street. She is indeed pregnant, and seems to be pretty excited about it. She’s still not married to Chromium though.

Come on, really?  This chair looks like it gets most of the dog’s fury, though, since it’s the only one I saw that was all scratched up like that. The chair on the other side of the hall was in perfect condition.

Scandium’s portrait went invisible for a while before it reappeared again, so I thought it might mean she was pregnant or something? I invited her over, hoping to find some good news, but she wasn’t carrying a baby.

Imaginary friends. I normally don’t like it when every child gets one, but since Manganese never had a chance to befriend his, I’m actually okay with this. They’re named Casper and Kiki, because I’ve run out of scientific names for IFs at this point.

Argon and Scandium go up to play some darts in the gym. I think Kay was out at work or something, or else I probably would have given them some mother-daughter time.

I was surprised when Argon got a bullseye. I’d never seen her play before and most first-time dart-throwers end up in the wall. Maybe she practiced when I wasn’t looking.

Argon: CHOKE.

That’s cheating right there. Trying to throw Scandium off.

I gave Danny and Vanny a whole night to themselves. First of all, they deserve it. Second of all, I thought that if they brought their relationship to completely full, it might help with the Oh My Ghost thing.

Vanny just got the Faithful reputation. I know that you need to be seen in public for the reputation thing to happen, so I suppose that Danny being technically outside of the household counts for that.

Argon: Just… forget that the baby is a scary ghost… change its diaper…

I’m impressed that Argon can take care of a ghost baby and not faint.

Danny is excited to see a birthday of one of his children. Vanny is… possessed… and I’m hoping that neither of the twins will make this into their child birthday. I don’t want Iron to have any older sisters.

Those eyes.

This one is Cobalt. She’s excitable and clumsy. And she’s freaking adorable.

This is her in her new outfit, with adorable hair, and also to show that neither of the girls became kids.

And Nickel, who is insane and brave. I like the brave trait, meaning she won’t faint when she sees herself in the mirror. I think she’s also pretty cute, too, but I had a hard time with hair because of the way you can see the back of the hair through a ghost’s head. Not a big deal when they’re coming for a visit. Bigger deal when they’re playable and up for heirship.

Then Latosha’s baby was born. I sent Argon over to visit and CRASH.

I decided to age the girls up using testingcheatsenabled, because I already sat through two birthdays and I wanted to get back up to where I was as quickly as possible. This method had the upside that Danny was the one to get his girls from the cribs so they could be toddlers.


Double awww.

Now, there are very few times when a crash is considered a good thing. A crash right after Danny’s death, or Theodore’s death generations back. A crash after kids had just been taken by the social worker.

A crash that changes the family for the better.

Vanadium: Bring some human remains down to the science lab? That sounds sketchy but okay.


I completely neglected pictures of the second birthdays because of this. I am so happy.

And then the glitch with Latosha came back. They couldn’t even have a wedding party. I thought it might be one of my mods, so I got rid of all of the mods that it might have been. Still nothing. Possibly removing the mods will prevent this in the future, and the effects were still in the game.

I ended up having Vanny break up with him.

Get rid of the heartbreak…

And give them a fresh start.

Danadium: Baby’s crying.

You two focus on getting engaged. Argon and Kay were in charge of babies, but they were doing a poor job of it.

Danny: You missed our engagement.

I was trying to keep the kids from being taken by the social worker. The option for marriage is available now!

If Danny doesn’t scare Vanny to death beforehand. Note to self: it would be best to keep Danny far away from Argon and her coward trait.


One thought on “Best Crash Ever

  1. 😀 I’m caught up! I’m super excited. I know what you mean about the hair being all funky, though. I have a ghost-vampire-IF baby hybrid xD and taking a pic of her was really hard to get right… CAS is even weirder o.o
    I’m excited for the wedding!

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