Star-Crossed Lovers

Top search for this blog is apparently ‘nude people leaping’ at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like that in this legacy. At all. o_ø

Chromium: Woo! It’s my birthday.

Manganese: *not caring*

Chromium becomes eco-friendly. Combined with his rebellious trait… environmental protester? Sticking it to the man who pollutes the planet?

Chromium: I dyed my hair green to reflect the beauty of our planet.

Okay then. There aren’t any ‘save the whales’ LTWs, so Chromium wants to be a rock star. He can spread the message of a healthy environment through the power of rock.

Vanadium: I’m pregnant. 😀

Um… stove?

Vanadium goes back to cooking even though the stove is in the process of bursting into flames, and I’m hoping that she doesn’t die, because she’s carrying my last chance for a ghost baby.

She realizes what’s wrong pretty fast though, and even manages to put out the fire autonomously.

Since Scandium still hasn’t made a baby, I’m trying a different approach with Chromium. Today he will go out and woo his romantic interest, Latosha Ornelas.

Step one is inviting her to the park and caking her to make her a YA, because she was still a teenager.

Chromium was about to leave for graduation, but I cancelled the action so he graduated at the park. I’m not letting this Latosha chick slip through my fingers. Vanadium’s children will have cousins and they will LIKE it.

Unfortunately, Latosha seemed a bit creeped out about Chromium’s advances, no matter what he tried. After a failed attempt at a kiss, he tried to butter her up with a compliment, and she responded badly to both of them.

Latosha: You’ve got problems. But I had a great outing!

Chromium: Women.

Chromium’s creepiness didn’t stop Latosha from agreeing to come over immediately afterwards, though.

Latosha: I should really be at work right now, but whatever.

Chromium: Your eyes are like the color of the sunset… kind of.

Latosha: Aw! I’m suddenly accepting of your flirtations!

The stereo was broken again, so Vanadium called for a repairperson to fix it. She’s pregnant again so I’m not taking any chances of another death happening.

I realized after Latosha left for work that the Ornelas live right across the street. Chromium went over to wait for her, and also because he had some other business to attend to.

Chromium: Mr. Ornelas. I know that we’ve never actually met but I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.

Mr. Ornelas: You’re from that legacy across the street, right? Of course I’ll give you my blessing!

Chromium: Thank you, sir! I didn’t think you would approve, since I’m not even a spare now that my sister’s had her kids…

Mr. Ornelas: What’d you say?

Latosha showed up just then, so it was time for Chromium to make his move.

Chromium: Latosha Ornelas, will you make me the happiest spare in the world?

Latosha: YES YES YES.

After that, they headed for the bedroom.

Chromium: Uh… this is your bed, right? Not your dad’s? ‘Cause I think he’s a little peeved at me already.

There was a lullaby!

Then I remembered that I should probably care more about Iron’s birthday, since she’s actually part of the main family line. She’s freaking adorable… even if she’s not a ghost. She gains points over Manganese because she actually spends some time as a toddler.

She’s got her mom’s lips, I think. I hope I didn’t trade in one set of Mendeleev Lips for another.

Chromium: Hey, Iron. Uncle Chromium’s getting married today, so you be a good girl until we’re done, okay?

And then… the get married option wouldn’t show up. Not when I clicked on Latosha, and not when I clicked on the arch. I reset Chromium. Nothing. I reset Latosha…

Sending her back to her house. She said she didn’t feel like coming over when Chromium invited her, so he went across the street to go get her.

Chromium: Latosha… what’s wrong?

Latosha: I know we only met at prom that one time and then we only started really interacting yesterday, but I really care about you. You deserve a girl you can actually marry.

Chromium: I don’t care if we can actually get married. Just come to  my house and we’ll see if we can work something out.

By this point, the guests start to leave, and they all think it was a great party, despite the total lack of a wedding. The game still registered it as a flop, though, because, again, there was no actual wedding.

Chromium asks Latosha to move in, but there’s no room in the house because Vanadium’s pregnant. I’d planned on moving Chromium into Latosha’s house, but it seems like you can only arrange people to move into the house of the person who’s asking. Finally, I went into edit town and moved Chromium into Latosha’s house that way. Hopefully they’ll tie the knot on their own.

Since we’re already talking about sad couples who can’t be together, this moment was particularly sad for me to see. I don’t think that ghosts can sleep under covers (unplayable ghosts, at least) so this is the closest the two can get to snuggling when they’re asleep. 😦

Where’s the Oh My Ghost opportunity when you need it?

Vanadium: Yay! You took your first step… and contractions.

I needed a labor picture. I swear it’s the law or something.

Vanadium: BABY!

It’s not a ghost baby. 😦

Wait. What’s that at the edge of the picture?




2 thoughts on “Star-Crossed Lovers

  1. Ghostly babies!
    You couldn’t have them get married if the household was full (same reason you couldn’t move her in). The game didn’t know that you wanted to move Chromium into Latosha’s house

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