Oh My Ghost

This is when Merlot achieved his LTW. Not the owning a bar and maxing mixology one. I took pity on him and used the LTR that changes the LTW to switch him over to ‘raise 5 kids’. The game counts the kids towards the LTW even if they’ve all been raised to teens and moved away beforehand.

Vanadium: Aw, aren’t you adorable? I can’t wait to see what you look like! You might even be almost as beautiful as I am.

Argon: Pst. Hey, wanna try some pills out for me?

Chromium: Are you giving me steroids or something?

Argon: Try this for me.

Chromium: Uh… I don’t think that’s the best idea. Do you even know what it does?

Argon: I’m not allowed to know, because of the placebo effect.

Argon: Here, look, it’s fine.

Four generations of Mendeleev, although Merlot wasn’t born into the family.

I tried to place one of his paintings on the wall. It got glitched.

Vanadium: OH CRA–

Better wash off the toilet water.

Vanadium: OH SHI–

Chromium had a field day with the plumbing.

But don’t let his rebellious side fool you, Chromium is a kind and loving uncle. He’s a big sweetheart.

Chromium: Get away from me with that camera.

Oh poo.

The family got invited to a party being held by Scandium. I figured that I would keep Manganese home with Chromium while the adults went to the party, but Argon apparently didn’t approve of my plan.

Argon: I’m not leaving Manganese home with a vampire repairwoman. I don’t even remember hiring a repairwoman.

What is she doing there, anyway?

Vampire: This looks like a good house to rob…

It’s a swim party… even though there’s no pool, or even a slip-n-slide.

Vanadium: You should go make out with Darrin.

Scandium: You think?

Vanadium: Only because there’s no ‘convince to marry’ option.

Calcium: She has the same default bathing suit as me.

Sorry, I don’t customize the swimwear of my spares too often. It’s not like they have pools at their pool parties.


The party ended shortly afterward. Scandium and Darrin were married last time I checked, but that may have been because I used edit town to shove Scandium into the Hurst household. Fingers crossed for babies.

Vanadium wants to try some painting, so I let her spend some time with Merlot. He’ll be dying soon.

Merlot: What’s that?

Nothing. I’ve been trying to make Merlot super happy by fulfilling wishes, because he has the highest LTR points and I wanted to try for a teleportation pad. WordPress doesn’t recognize teleport as a word. -_-

Manganese is such a cute little toddler! I can’t WAIT to change his clothes and every… wait. Something’s wrong.

I caked Manganese, and he ended up aging TWICE. Furthermore, I can’t edit him down to toddler again with the ‘edit in create-a-sim’ option, because it won’t show up for him.

Manganese: Hey, Great-Aunt Kay! Guess what? I broke the rules of reality, and my extra birthday could end up killing us all!

Wait… zoom…

His tongue is coming out his chin.

Manganese: MY HAIR!!!

Serves you right if the game breaks.

He’s insane, by the way. Not even that will let me forgive him. I was all prepared to have cute pictures of him as a toddler and everything.

Also, because of a save error, everything after this has been played twice.

In other news, Merlot made an elephant on a ball! Looking at it fills me with joy! 😀

Merlot: I feel all tingly.

I feel like it’s less sad when the second spouse dies because they get to be together again.

Death: I… actually made it into the right room?


Death: Merlot Mendeleev… my granddaughter wants you.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures because this happened before. At least THIS time the moodlet manager didn’t mysteriously disappear. I made sure I kept it out of Merlot’s inventory, because I lost it the first time he died.

Phosphorus: Is my husband around?

Just missed him.

Vanadium: Again?

She looks pissed off about the labor, which I find hilarious.

Vanadium: I’m still grieving my great-grampa, I shouldn’t have to go through this.

I wonder if death triggers the labor or something. Or maybe the labors retroactively trigger deaths.

And meet Iron. Iron 2, more like it. Both times I played,  Iron was insane and clumsy. But the first time I played, Iron was a ghost. I blame Manganese for this. Somehow, the save error was his fault.

Now I have a dilemma. I REALLY want to try for a ghost baby, but that would mean Vanadium would get another maternity leave, and she’s been to work for like, one day. What to do? I ended up getting a mod that gets rid of maternity leave. Is that cheating? I don’t know, but at this point I’m not keeping score so I won’t bother with technical stuff like that.

Potassium reads Manganese to sleep, and it’s actually kind of cute.

Manganese: Going to get up and eat some macaroni instead of going to bed now.

No longer cute.

Let’s try this one more time.

Memory: Awkwaaard.

There’s a dog eating our paper! Quick, someone stop it, I want to see if there’s a marriage announcement about Scandium!


Dog: You were saying?

I’d say that Schrodinger is too old to be getting into fights, since he’s an elder, but I think that dog is an elder too.

Next time: Ghost babies?


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