Lover From Beyond The Grave

Even though I know for sure that Merlot won’t reach his LTW (what do I know about owning a bar?), I got him a bar so he can fulfill wishes and stuff. Since’s there’s not really room for it upstairs right now, it’s in the basement with the ghosts. The ghosts are pretty fond of drinking so I don’t think they’ll mind.

I completely forget who Argon is talking to. I think it’s Calcium.

Argon: I’m going to have a granddaughter and you haven’t even had one child yet. Mom would be so mad at you right now if she wasn’t dead…. yeah, she’s dead… we didn’t tell you?… well, she is.

I caved and got a maid. We have too many bathrooms for me to clean them all. I think we have 4 or 5.  She actually does things, and I haven’t caught her dropping trash on the ground or anything like that.

See? Right in the can!

We got a repo lady because I completely forgot about bills. It turns out that the no bills ever reward comes with World Adventures, not the base game like I thought, and I didn’t have WA installed right then. It’s installed now.

The repo lady took the toilet paper, and I’m pretty sure she took something else because there’s no way that the roll of TP took care of our 1000+ simolean bill.

First off, Chromium is rebellious. Second off, he’s a spare, and the spares in my game tend to act out. So it was no surprise to me that Chromium would want a little fun.

Chromium: Hee hee hee. They’ll never have a clue about who put the flaming poo in front of the house.

I think they’ll know it’s a legacy kid, because I’m pretty sure sims can’t do these sorts of pranks autonomously.

Chromium: Shut up! This is going to be funny.

Man: AURGH! It’s on fire!


It’s… orange… what exactly was in that bag?

Chromium: Cat poo.

… What do you feed the cats?

Cats tackling each other is always an acceptable transition.


Vanadium, quick! Go to him!

Vanadium: I’m sorry that the girl controlling our legacy killed you by mistake.

Danny: It’s alright, sweetheart. You can’t control the stupidity of others.


Their reunion was especially touching for me. Torn apart too quickly by fate… but he escapes the realm of death to return to her! *swoon*

Vanadium: I’d feel happier if there wasn’t that damn dresser in the corner.

Shut up about the dresser. It’s killing the romance.

Vanadium: Do you want to try for a ghost baby?

Danny: Are you kidding? Your mother just died!

Vanadium: *pouts*

Danny:Ijust died.

Vanadium: *pouts*

He gave in, of course. No one can resist a well-executed pout like that.

Gah! I’m still haunted by the gardening and the vegetables! Even after all this time!

I’m pretty sure that Vanadium should have fell on her butt as soon as she tried to leap into Danny’s arms.

Vanadium: I’m so upset about your death, Danny! I swear I’m going to try to get the oh my ghost opportunity!

Again, animals are reasonable transitions.

Dog: Let me live here? I swear I’m not a bear.

He does look like the bear in the picture, though. I’m not sure I should trust him.

Vanadium takes Manganese to visit Scandium.

Scandium: I didn’t think you’d be coming to visit!

Vanadium: Why wouldn’t I? I heard that you got engaged!

Yup, that’s right. Hopefully the marriage will actually happen and the two will have kids. I don’t think any extras in the legacy have really had kids since Mulan, although I could be wrong.

Poor Manganese gets left on the ground so Vanadium can be crazy.

Vanadium: I really like your house.

Scandium: I should probably say something about how I like her books or something…

I hope that look on Scandium’s face really is longing for a baby, because she DOES look like she wants a kid. Please have a baby.

Aw, kitty. They actually have something to do with the picture after this, I swear.


Argon: Icouldclean up the vomit you just made, but my social bar is low right now so I’ll take care of it later.

Vanadium’s night with Ghost!Danny had the intended effects. Now it’s time to wait and see if it’s a ghost baby.

Funnily enough, Vanadium’s not technically married to the father because he’s counted as her fiancee now. She’s also been given grief by the paparazzi for being into necrophilia, but whatever.


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