A Lot Happens

This chapter details the most eventful 48-sim-hour period I’ve played so far.

It turns out that Vanadium got pregnant the night she became engaged to Daniel, but that’s alright, because they’re going to be getting married in the afternoon.

Vanadium: No way that I’m having a child out of wedlock and being booed by my ancestors like Aunt Potassium.

Ellie: And then the Grim Reaper appeared.

Phosphorus: So? I’m related to him.

Nitrogen: I &%&$!ed him.

Danny shows up for the wedding wearing… untraditional… clothes, but I’m not complaining. His choice of attire is much more appropriate than what Vanadium’s wearing, after all.

After a few tries (the couple kept dropping the action to react to ghosts) Danny and Vanadium make it to their wedding arch.

Even Vanadium’s father shows up, despite the fact that they’ve never met and there’s a huge crowd which he apparently hates. There are plenty of strangers hanging around, like the woman standing right behind Billy. Never seen her ever.

Most of the guests are ghosts.

Most of the guests can also float through things, so there’s no reason why they should be freaking out because they can’t get to the chairs.

I don’t know what to say for this picture, but I’m pretty sure I can’t have the wedding and NOT include it.

And cue the mad rush for the cake.  They do know there’s an entire second half of the table that has no one, right?

After the party, I learned two interesting things about Argon.

The first is that Sulfur is her boss.

The second is that she’s enemies with her daughter’s father. I’m not exactly sure what happened, because I don’t remember them getting into any arguments or anything.

And Vanadium apparently gained a celebrity star?

Chromium: Eating buffet food with the long-dead foundress of my family. No big deal.

Okay. So I’m an idiot. Danny’s LTW was to master handiness and logic, so of course I sent him to fix anything that was broken in the house. All of these broken objects we electronics, and Danny got shocked by one.

I didn’t forget that another shock would kill him, but I wasn’t thinking properly and figured that a shower would increase his odds of a shock because of the water. -_-

The exact moment when I realized I’d made a horrible mistake.

Zhan: Well, now the stereo’s never going to get fixed.

Screw you, Zhan. Although I suppose it can be forgiven because you’re bound to view death differently once you’re already dead.

Death: Wait… there’s no death scheduled here today…

Apologies, Death. I made a boo boo.

Vanadium: And we just got ma-a-arried!

Yeah… I’m really sorry about that. And the baby will be born without a dad now anyway, too… Um, at least we can try for ghost babies?

Vanadium: You don’t understand my pa-a-ain!

Rest in peace, Danny.

Although now that I think about it, I’m going to have to move those stands. Argon and Kay should take that spot so it stays symmetrical.

Vanadium: I’ll make sure he didn’t die in vain!

I’m pretty sure pregnant sims don’t die, so I let her do it. She didn’t get shocked or anything.

The baby draws nearer.

You’d better not have multiples, Vanny.

Binky: I really hate the dresser in the corner.

Even though the stereo is what woke him up. And I’ve seen a couple other sims with dresser hate too, although I don’t think I took a picture. Is the dresser broken? Do they just not like it? And WHY don’t they like it?

Phosphorus: I feel all tingly…


I really don’t need any more deaths right now…

Ghosts: One of us, one of us, one of us…

At least I can take no blame for this death.

Death: Why can’t I end up in the same room as them? Just once.

Death: Phosphorus Mendeleev…

Phosphorus: Hey grampa!

Do you see these graves? All of these ghosts are haunting the house, nonstop. I’ll end up resetting them once it gets to be too much. Also, I’m not sure if there’s a limit to how many ghosts can visit at a time, and I want Danny to show up so Vanadium can have a ghost baby.

The ghosts have resorted to sleeping on the couches because I’ve kicked them off of the beds.

Vanadium: Baby’s coming!

Right after a death. Of course.


Vanadium: Um, can you chill out?


Can we focus here? Get the baby into the world, then mourn the tragic loss of his father.

This is Manganese. He is brave, friendly, and half an orphan.

Thus ends the most eventful two sim days I have EVER played. One wedding, two deaths, a birth, and Vanadium became a celebrity.


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