Vanny’s Bachelorette Party

Last time on the Elemental Legacy, our heiress Vanadium got engaged to her high school sweetheart Daniel Wang. Time for a wedding, right? Not exactly.

Vanadium: Come one, come all, to my bachelorette party!

Calcium: You know you don’t have to shout for me to hear you, right? You have a phone.

Vanadium: I KNOW!!!

Vanadium: Mama, I’m going to get married, like you never did. An’ all my babies will be born in wedlock.

Argon: Congratulations, sweetie.

Vanadium: Would you make a toast at my party tonight?

Argon: Sure!

We have a nice little bachelorette party. It’s mostly just family. That includes dead family.

Scandium’s excited that her cousin is getting married, and sprays her with nectar.

Vanadium never changed into the outfit that goes along with the bachelorette party. At first I thought it was an insane sim thing, but Lithium got into the special outfit and she was insane too. So I’m chalking it up to a glitch, and hopefully a harmless one.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a ghost cook a meal before.

Zhan: I’ve never been out of the grave long enough to get hungry before.

And someone invited party dancers. I don’t know who might have done it, though.

Ellie: *whistles*

Two dancers, actually.

Two creepily-similar party dancers.

Zhan: WHOO!


Since Argon had to go to work, it’s up to Scandium to make the toast.

Scandium: I’ve known Vanadium since she was born. We grew up together. Sure, she might have had a creepy obsession with marrying my brother at one point, but that’s behind us now. I wish her the best of luck, and all happiness in her future marriage.

Shing: BOO! Kay!

Nitrogen: How dare you have a child out of wedlock?

Says the woman who had kids with three different fathers.

I was paying attention to a conversation that Kay was having with Scandium and Vanadium when I noticed one of the party dancers following Calcium outside.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to flirt with her like I thought. He wanted to complain about the dirty dishes.

They did start gossiping after that, though, which I felt was a promising start.

Phosphorus: This is your chance! Make out with him!

Calcium: But…

Phosphorus: No buts! Make me more grandchildren!

Aw. It didn’t work.

I come back a while later to this. The party dancer decides to just leave Calcium lying on the ground.

Dancer: Nothing to see here.

Vanadium: I feel like marriage will be great. You should think about it.

Scandium: Maybe I’ll talk about it with Darrin.

I’ve discovered the solution to sleeping ghosts, by the way. Portable boomboxes!

Binky: That music woke me up!

That’s the point.

Poor Argon had to miss the party because she had to go to work. đŸ˜¦

Argon makes it home in time for the tail end of the party, though.

I choose to believe that any Mendeleev with great dancing skills inherited said skills from Sodium


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