The Extremely Haunted House

Guys, we are on generation 7 of this legacy! That’s insane! And you know what else is insane? Our heiress, Vanadium.

Here she is wearing her graduation robes. I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t wearing a kitty hat or anything.

Titanium: I feel like something bad is going to happen.

It’s your graduation! Lighten up!

Everyone’s pretty miserable after graduation because their needs were low. Except for Phosphorus, that is.

And then some guy randomly started to beat up Titanium.

He won.

Vanadium: And to think I ever wanted to date him. :/


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sim do this unless their butt was on fire. It made me happy.

I built on the little guest house for the past heirs, and Phosphorus seems to have the whole ‘two houses one lot’ thing worked out.

Phosphorus: I would’ve liked more black.

I made the bedroom black, at least.

Vanadium: Hey, Danny! I’m a young adult now, and I’m in the journalism career on the way to my LTW! Wanna go out or something?

I debated with myself over whether she should go with Danny or find someone else. In the end, I chose Danny.

Vanadium: So… what’s your sign?

I thought she would’ve known already, but then I remembered that she only actually met him outside of school once he’d already become an adult.

Then he refused her kiss and ran away.

You’re testing me, Danny. 😡

Vanadium: You love me kitty, don’t you?

Pets are always great for when you don’t have any other friends to talk to… not that I would know anything about that.

It seems like the ghosts have found out about the new house… and they never leave.

I separated the desks because Vanadium couldn’t use the desk on the left for some reason, but she still had problems getting to it. No one else does, though.

Phosphorus: Stupid scratching post! Listen, Vanadium. When I was your age, we had pets too, but they were horrible and made the game freeze constantly. That’s what a real pet is like. I don’t like these newfangled pets that can stay in the house without making our legacy writer’s life a pit of misery.

Vanadium: *rolls eyes*

See all of these ghosts? They don’t leave. I swear, it must be to do with the layout of the house or something. Maybe the fact that they’re in the basement prevents them from returning to the grave?

Chromium: It’s Nitrogen! She’s famous, right?

I don’t even remember at this point… I think she was famous to help Sodium get more celebrity points…

Shing, haunt your own grave! Better yet, return to the land of the dead. Just a little bit? Please?

Vanadium: I can’t go to bed because… great-great-grandma?… is there!

I can no longer keep track.

Phosphorus: You know, Chromium, I’m very happy that you’ve taken to wearing black and skulls. It’s important to keep your heritage alive.

Chromium: Grandma! It’s not cool if you like it! You’re supposed to think I’m a hooligan!

Chromium also works out and sculpts autonomously. He’s a pretty awesome spare.

Chromium: No. I’m rebellious! REBELLIOUS!

Danny gets one more chance.

Vanadium: You won’t run away if I hold your hand?

I think they’re adorable together.

Vanadium: You know, you’re really hot. It’s like you’re on fire! Um… not that we’ve had a fire in this legacy in a while, so you’re not going to actually get set on fire or anything.

Just kiss him already.


Paparazzi: I know no one here is famous besides the ghosts, but I’m just going to stick around until someone becomes famous by accident.

Vanadium: Do you want to start dating officially?

Danny: Okay.

Then Vanny gets right down to business and asks for his hand in marriage.

I just noticed that Danny and Vanny rhyme. They were meant for each other.

Potassium is watching from the pool this entire time, and she’s not amused.

Kay: Should’ve been one of my kids getting married to bring in the next generation. 😦

Kay: Whoa! Already got close to drowning once. Don’t need to do it again.

What’s wrong, Vanadium?

Vanadium: Wondering if I’m making the right choice.

I love his pajamas.

Vanadium: Definitely made the right choice here.

And then he left Vanadium thinking about him, but now I can be sure he’ll be back.

So many ghosts.

Binky: Ew! Ellie Mendeleev!

Zhan: Don’t talk about my wife like that!



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