Little mini in-between chapter just for makeovers of the house and the other two kids.

And also Mr. Gnome died.

It is startling to realize that even inherently magical objects which may not be ‘living’ in the technical sense may one day die. If this gnome must leave the earthly world, surely this is the fate awaiting us all. We are but dust in the wind.


So this is the new house. I am so freaking proud of it. I put EFFORT into this, guys.

The first floor, I wanted to go with an element theme, but an Avatar the Last Airbender sort of element theme rather than a Mendeleev element theme. So this is the living room which represents stone.

And the other half of the room. I used the same ‘two desks smushed together’ thing that I used on the moon house, because I liked that house.

The room’s not very cluttered because rock is a stern element. I thought this out.

Kitchen is based on plants. Why plants? Why not fire? Because I said so.

Dining room is the other half. Again, I liked the thing I did with the house on the moon, so there are two separate tables. If there’s a party, there will be some room for guests.

Bathroom is water, which is kind of obvious.

Upstairs, I got bored with the theme because I realized I couldn’t make a good fire theme room. So this is a sort of lounge outside of the bed rooms.

This is where Chromium will be sleeping for now, although it’s really meant to be more of a reusable kid’s room. I’ll most likely switch the bed out for a crib and plan on never having three babies at once.

Vanadium’s room. It has a lot of empty space, but she’s the heiress so she deserves to feel special. Also, the toddlers can get bottles in here because there’s enough room.

Her bathroom.

Currently, this is where Argon and Potassium are sleeping, but I’m planning on making a sort of guest house for past heirs to live in, so this will be the room where the future kids will sleep.

The bathroom connected to the bedroom. This one is not special and won’t be redecorated for the different heirs, like the master bathroom will.

Third floor hallway, which has some musical instruments in it.

Art room. Three easels so more than one sim can paint at a time. And I AM going to try and get portraits anyway, even if all my old ones were lost.

The science room connects to the art room. If there is no science room, it can’t be a Mendeleev legacy house.

Gym. Not much to say about it.

This is the third floor bathroom. It serves the purpose of making the sims who just worked out less stinky, and keeping inventing sims from catching on fire.

And the basement, where all of the graves are. Zhan and Ellie get the biggest podiums. Heirs get the two-tier ones and spouses get the smallest.

Anyways, here’s the makeover for Titanium. I stuck with the grey outfit because he’s been wearing grey for so long that there’s no point in changing it.

And Scandium’s a loser, which screamed to me ‘cat sweater’.


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