Chemistry Cat

Funny Pictures - Chemistry CatFunny Pictures - Chemistry Cat

So now Vanadium’s the heiress for the next generation!

I think I’m making it a point next gen to just have male heirs.

I don’t know what Chromium was in trouble for (probably bad grades) but Phosphorus is letting him off the hook.

It seems that Vanadium attracts cats.

Stray cat: Wait! Don’t go inside! I need a home!

I was going to have her interact with it, but i saw that the cat had fleas, and I don’t want fleas spreading throughout the entire household.

The adults were offered a free vacation, but Kay and Argon are at the end of their young adult life bars and I don’t want them to end up aging twice like poor Theo.

I was checking out the prom pictures, and Scandium managed to get one with her date. She appears to be missing a leg, though.

Wearing high heels on a treadmill does not seem too safe.

Kay: I know what I’m doing. I’m a professional athlete.

I know I keep posting pictures like this, but I love couples who flirt with each other autonomously.

The adults continue to use the playground more than the children ever have.

The kids are the ones who actually do the work they’re supposed to do.

Because I love poses.

Darrin came over the night.

Vanadium: I was thinking about moving to the moon when I’m heiress? I heard it’s awesome.

I don’t think I’m comfortable enough with how the game is working to try a custom world at this point, but I do want to at least build a new house when Vanadium becomes a young adult. This one is beginning to bore me.

Darrin: What’s wrong with this house?

Vanadium: Too much neon green. And I think I’d like a house that looks like an actual house.

Darrin spends time with his girlfriend while he’s visiting, too. They have a pillow fight and then he has to leave.

Darrin reminds me that I still haven’t gotten a good look at Vanadium’s man, so they’ll go out on a date. This is Daniel Wang.

Vanadium: Wow… um… you’re an adult and I still have, like, six days left.

Daniel: Yeah. If we did anything right now, it’d be so illegal.

Since my plan of having them go steady while on the date is shot straight to hell, the date ends pretty quickly.

Daniel: I’ve had woohoo longer than that date!

Well, I should hope not. He became a young adult between the time Vanadium called and the time he showed up for the date.

The kids all have an outing at the pool, since they  don’t have any school on the weekends. Vanadium’s not swimming because from my experience insane sims have trouble with pools. They start freaking out like they’re hydrophobic.

Vanadium: This one’s tiny. 😦

The fact that she catches any fish at all, regardless of size, is amazing.

Chromium was hungry so we teleported some food to him. 🙂

It’s super easy. Merlot took a quick meal from the fridge. I stop him from eating it and send it to Chromium’s inventory.

Scandium: It sucks that your boyfriend just grew up and already slept with some other chick.

Vanadium: He’s not my boyfriend. And now I’m not sure if he’s going to be. I have to think about it.

Scandium: If it was me, I’d dump Darrin on his ass.

Titanium: I think we should go on vacation.

Vanadium: We don’t have World Adventures anymore.

After her adult birthday (which will not be shown because they look the same anyway) Argon decides to play on the trampoline.

Argon: See? I’m still young!

In my game, playing on the trampoline is a sign that you’re gettingolder.

I notice that some of the neighboring lots appear in detail now, so I sent Argon over to skinny dip in one.

Ugh. I can’t figure out where I put the no censor mod to make it work.

Anyway, I have no self control when it comes to pets. So cats.

This is Schrodinger.

And Felidae. One is a boy and one is a girl, because I want to try breeding the cats again. The household is too full for them to get kittens though.

They are still adorable though. I got two cats this time because last time the pets ALWAYS seemed to be lonely and needed a lot of attention because they wouldn’t start socializing with each other on their own. Hopefully having two pets of the same kind will mean they’ll play together.

Phosphorus: Whee!

Why do they start doing the dangerous tricks when they’re elders?

Synchronized scratching!

And sleeping.

The cats hang around with each other a lot, which is what I was going for. It’s almost sickeningly cute, though, how much they love each other.

Or maybe they just want to get it on, but they can’t because the house is full. For some reason, pets can’t even woohoo when the house is full. Sims can, and the game just won’t get them pregnant if there are too many. But pets? Can’t even have a little fun unless there’s room in the house.

You nasty kitty.

Vanadium got an opportunity to write a gossip column during school, which is exciting because I don’t think I’ve ever had a kid in the Journalism Club before. I’m excited to see what sort of awards and mementos she could get.

Titanium’s running for President (not sure if it’s student body president or class president) which is really exciting too.

Titanium: If it’s as easy as getting Prom King, this is in the bag.

I didn’t mention that Titanium and Scandium got Prom King and Queen, because it seems like my kids get them all the time. It’s more of a shock when none of the kids come home with a crown. More often than not it seems like the King and Queen of prom are siblings.

Scandium: I don’t have anything exciting happening so I just want school to be over.

Chromium: You and me both.

Phosphorus: Back in my day, we didn’t accept having criminals in the family!

No one in the Mendeleev family, as far as I can recall, has ever been a criminal.

Phosphorus: Just look at how Vanadium dresses! Like a hooligan! That leads to graffiti, which leads to gangs, which leads to being the Emperor of Evil!

You know how I know these cats fit in with the family?

Because they have NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD.


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