Winner of the Poll

A bunch of news in this chapter.

First: I just happened to notice in the blog dashboard that on one day this blog got 162 views, which is a really big number for me to think about, mostly because I can be absolutely SURE that my own views did not make up the majority of that number. There’s no way I was on my blog 162 times in one day. Also, the top search right now is ‘strollers for mutants’ which sounds like a name for a rock band.

Second: I’m not in high school anymore. That’s exciting.

Three: My parents got me a new computer for college. This is ONLY to be used for schoolwork, but the Mac version of Microsoft Word makes me want to gouge my eyes out so I’m going to end up doing all my reports and stuff on the new computer anyway. So I’m going to see if it can handle Pets and, if so, transfer my legacy stuff to the new computer.

Fourth: The results are in for heir. But that’s at the end. šŸ™‚

The School of Peace and Love’s graduation gown is completely ridiculous. I was going to recolor the graduation gown to be the same color as my own, which is a nice gold color as opposed to the ugly yellow we had to wear for senior pictures. Apparently the graduation gowns aren’t available to recolor?

Anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about this stuff. I should be getting ready for the graduation party.

After all, I’m a grown-up now.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Stuffykins?

Anyway, one of the guests this evening is Hydrogen Mendeleev, because he’s adorable and he’s the first child of the legacy. I was going to invite Nitrogen too, because she has a cool eyepatch, but my game is acting funny and will only let me take 7 sims from the sim bin, because at the 8th one the house is full. Never mind that the sim from the sim bin replaces the random one that first shows up when you add a new sim. Whatever.

My simself actually looks more like me now, since I’ve had a bit more practice making faces. I’m proud of her.

Ellie is also here, because she’s our founder. šŸ™‚ She got all dolled up for the party, which is the nice way of saying that I didn’t have her hair or outfit so I had to make do with what I had. She reminds me of the Jetsons now.

Ellie: What were you planning for the party?

Me: Well, I figured while it was day time people could go on the water slide…

*Hallelujah chorus*

Ellie: O.O

Me: Uh…

Ellie: Water slides are gifts from the gods.

Deceased Mendeleevs love their water slides.

Yes indeed.

Hydrogen is the first one to manage to change into his bathing suit, and goes on his belly down the water slide.

I’ve forgotten how adorable Ellie could be. It helps that she knows her way around the water slide and doesn’t do a face plant.

Ellie: I’ve been playing on these things every night since the day I died!

Chromium isn’t so hot at this.

Inside (I convinced Ellie to let other people have a turn with the water slide) we’re playing video games. Well, Ellie and I watch as Titanium plays Sim Animals.

Titanium: Now for this objective, I need to have this one squirrel get the other squirrel knocked up.

Ellie: I see.

Me: Er… are you really doing this in front of your I’m-not-even-sure-how-many-greats-grandmother?

Then the girls get together to game, except for Vanadium.

Me: You killed me!

Ellie: Revenge for letting Zhan have an affair in China.

Me: I didn’t even know about that until it was too late.


More water sliding.

Scandium: See, Chromium? This is how you go down a water slide face first.


It took Vanadium forever to get changed, so she didn’t end up going on the water slide at all.

Me: No one start cooking or anything, I’ve got dinner!

Ellie: And I’ve got the mixologist!

Ellie: I remember when I was alive, I actually got to eat meat and not these tofu things she serves at parties.

I worked hard on those. šŸ˜¦

After dinner, it’s time to hit the dance floor.

Ellie: It seems like I’ve founded a family of alcoholics, so it can’t hurt to see what all the fuss is about.

Then the mixologist was completely AWESOME, not the ones I get in bars all the time that drop the glasses and all. I couldn’t even get a picture of it, she was throwing things in the air and catching them so fast.

Hydrogen: I’m kind of hoping that Titanium wins. He’d be the first male heir, right?

Me: Sometimes I feel like I’m running a matriarchy.

I swear that glass… the one in the air… was FLOATING for a moment…

ƂEllie: Here. Try thish. It’sh aweshome.

Me: You know I can’t legally drink, right?

ƂThen again, the teens are hanging out at the bubble blower. I’m not sure what those bubbles are supposed to represent, but I’m pretty sure it’s something you’re not allowed to do as a teenager. Or any age, possibly.

Vanadium: Hey… I can blow one through my nose…


How ladylike.

Titanium: This thing’s okay I guess.

Scandium: I can see pretty colors… Nyan cat is flying around the ceiling.


Chromium is too young for the bubble blower, so he entertains himself with the dollhouse.

Getting everyone to sit down on the couch so I can make the announcement for heir is hectic.

Scandium: Vanadium’s sleeping in my spot.

Vanadium: Zzzz
Finally. This is such a beautiful picture right here.

Me: Now, we all know why all of us are here, and it’s not because I graduated. If I wasn’t announcing who the next heir was, would any of you have shown up?

Kids: No.

Me: I’m not that great at giving you a long speech to build it up, so the winner is…

Scandium: Scandium šŸ˜€ Scandium šŸ˜€ Scandium šŸ˜€

Me: Vanadium.
Vanadium: Me?
Scandium: Ah… I must be hearing things wrong. I thought you said Vanadium for a second there…
Chromium: Great job, sis. Mom’s gonna be so happy.
Titanium: Whatever. Video games.

And the faux matriarchy continues…


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