100 Post Prom Night

This is post number ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!

I could have some big non-canon celebration and bring back Ellie and all that, but I’ll probably do that for my graduation party. Anyway, the prom is coming up for the teens at the exact right time, so I thought, why not do a prom night thing for the 100th post?

Okay girls. We know of ONE teenaged boy, and there are two of you. Neither of you can use the romantic options to ask out Titanium (although there really ought to be a ‘go to prom as friends’ interaction) so I’m settling this in the fairest way I can think of. First one to Darrin’s house wins, GO.

Scandium is our winner.

Scandium: Hey, would you…


Scandium: Let me into your house? I’m a friend of Darrin’s.

We use the term ‘friend’ loosely.

Scandium: Hey, Darrin.

Darrin: Aren’t you the girl who always used to ignore me?

Scandium: No…

Scandium: Actually, I wanted to get to know you better. And it’s not because I just rolled Loser for my teen trait and can’t get anyone better. It’s because you’re the only boy I know who’s not related to me, and I can’t get anyone better.

Then the police show up. I will go ahead and assume that Darrin’s father called the police to enforce the curfew, because Scandium and Darrin were blocking the entire kitchen during the entire exchange.

Of course, it’s Argon who punishes Scandium. Can’t they ever punish their OWN children?

Scandium: Bye grounded moodlet! 😀

Yeah, I noticed that all of the bathrooms have gone to hell in a handbasket, so Merlot and Phosphorus need to fix that. That is their job now. Fixing the bathroom.

Field trip to the bistro.

Scandium: And I wanted to socialize with Darrin more.

It’s like, the opposite of real school. Most of my field trips were spent hanging out with my friends, and school is usually where I don’t get to talk with them too much because we have to listen to the teacher. That’s not true right now because we’ve given up doing actual WORK at this point, but still…

And Chromium aged up and got… um… uh…

I THINK over-emotional. I will make sure to check on that before the heir vote, guys.

How is she not burning?

Anyway, after school, I figured I would invite the chick from the sleepover to the house to that Titanium could put some moves on her.

Chick: I’m an adult now. 😀


Scandium: Would you like to go to prom with me?

Darrin: Are you pranking me? Of course I’ll go with you!

I know that’s one of the standard responses but still… with Darrin… it’s kind of sad. *hugs Darrin*

Darrin: I have my tux all picked out!

Scandium: I can see that.

Do you have to make more burgers when we have an endless picnic basket right here? Lady, there are sims starving in Apocalypse challenges!

Titanium: I wish I had a date for prom.

Vanadium: Yeah, well THE MAN says that cousins can’t date.

Really wish there were friendly prom interactions. 😦 I mean, I went to a school dance with my cousin, and my prom date was one of my friends who had a girlfriend. I’d venture to say that most of people at my prom were just going with a friend; there were tons of girl-girl couples and I know there aren’t that many lesbians in my school.

A lady dies in front of the sports stadium. No big deal.

Kay: Hi great-grampa!

Chlorine: Why am I in my graduation robes?

Finally got around to fixing Titanium’s nose. I just nudged it down a bit so that his skin didn’t go all wonky around it.

Wait, WordPress accepts ‘wonky’ as a word, but not ‘pranking’? And it doesn’t accept ‘WordPress’ either?

Potassium: I can help you kids with your geography homework.

Titanium: Right mom. Pangaea was around when you were a kid. I can do this on my own.

Vanadium: You didn’t offer to helpme.

Chromium: My macaroni went bad when I was eating it. *cross-eyes*

Is Argon actually wearing proper attire for work?

Argon: I thought I’d mix things up a bit.


You know how sims always insist on making new meals when they already have leftovers?

I have the opposite of that problem, where they all wanted spoiled macaroni and cheese. I ended up forcing Merlot to make some food while I cleaned out the fridge.


That little red light was starting to annoy me.

Vanadium goes over to the Hurst house because she’s suddenly obsessed with learning Darrin’s sign and stuff like that.

Since Scandium’s got claim on him, he’s suddenly attractive, I guess.

Vanadium: Hey baby, what’s your sign?

Darrin: You know I’m going to prom with your cousin, right?

Vanadium: How about you dump that face clone and come out with me?

Since Darrin’s already going to prom, the next best thing is snagging his brother (I assume) Trenton.

Vanadium: Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But you’ve been running through my mind all night.

It doesn’t work.

Vanadium is disappointed.

This bedtime story is not so cute.

Chromium smiles because the alternative is one, long scream that stretches on to eternity.

And then he decides to get up and take a bath. While sleep deprived.

This is one of the reasons I don’t like autonomous ‘ask for bedtime story’ because sometimes they don’t even go to sleep afterwards.

I forgot that Darrin would probably come to pick Scandium up, so I do my normal prom routine of having the teens sitting in front of the school. I’m pretty sure prom lasts the same amount of time no matter when you get there, so showing up precisely on time means less chance for a run in with the cops.

Oh and Merlot’s old.

Picked a great night to age up there, man.

So how was prom? Scandium kissed Darrin, became his girlfriend, and won Prom Queen. Titanium fell in love with a girl named Ari Moore and won Prom King. Vanadium fell in love with a boy named Daniel Wang.

Guys, I think it’s time… for an heir vote.


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