Chromium Truce

Just a quick picture to show the stuff the kids won from their clubs when they were children.

That’s Scandium doing her homework on the floor. I’m not sure how she has homework since she hasn’t gone to school yet, but whatever. Extra credit?

Scandium: They won’t be laughing when I have a head start at getting on honor roll and end up becoming valedictorian.

Vanadium is getting ahead in her own way, still working on her book.

I just wanted to show her awesome mismatched shoes though. 🙂

Argon: I’m scared of the dark, but I’m going to bounce on this trampoline andenjoymyself!

Potassium: Okay, so I rolled this wish to interact with you for some reason…

Do we really need the stroller to take Chromium out to the bouncy ride. It’s right behind the house.

Potassium: You can never be too careful.

Potassium: Okay, I think I can carry you the rest of the way.

Aw, adorable! An auntie interacting with her nephew and not being obsessed over the fact that the kid rivals her own for heirship. Never thought I’d see the day.

Cute spam.

He’s showing off the fact that he’s got the Mendeleev lips. Taunting me.

Okay. I’m done.

Now Argon wants to take a walk with Chromium. They’re getting better at being civil. I think I’m also getting better at not focusing on just half the family.

Argon: Truce over the adorable baby?

Potassium: Truce.

Argon: The hot tub is broken. :/

Chromium: The hot tub is broken. :/

Question: Why would a toddler know or care that it’s broken?

Poor Titanium. A ghost-filled legacy house is not the best place to be a coward.

Kay fixes the hot tub, so it won’t annoy any more toddlers.

Let’s check on Argon. Chromium is adorable and it looks like everything is as it should be.

Argon: *push* Be free!

Actually, Argon decides that she doesn’t want the stroller anymore, and that carrying Chromium would be easier. For some reason.

Argon: The stroller was infested with nargles.

Argon: It was a good stroller. It served this family well.

You had it for one night… never mind.

Why did I take this picture again?

Potassium: Because I fixed the hot tub? Because I’m hot? Because I’m the most awesome sim who ever lived? All of the above?

Let this be a lesson to you, kids. Alcohol slows your render time as well as your reaction time. Don’t drink and die.

Look, I gave Nitrogen her hair back! And I think something’s wrong with the drink, because she repeatedly made that face while she was drinking it.

Nitrogen: This is… NON-alcoholic!

Dun dun DUN.

Lithium: Hey.


Lithium disappeared shortly after that, but not Nitrogen. She was on a mission.

A mission to sleep in her great-granddaughter’s bed, but a mission

This has nothing to do with anything.

Titanium: We’re going to be late for school.

Scandium: Vanny better hurry up.

Vanadium: I needed to change into my formalwear!

Phosphorus and Merlot are still going strong, even though Phosphorus is old now.

Potassium: Please let this not be happening…

Potassium: Must… ignore… parents in treehouse…

Come on, guys! The toddler can see!


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