Getting Older

Gnome: Why’s no one using this shower? Come on, I wanna see a show.

In the Mendeleev Legacy… this isn’t too out of the ordinary at all, actually.

Kay: I made pancakes! Aren’t you so proud?

Merlot: You’re old enough to have ten-year-old kids, you should know how to make pancakes by now.

Plus they’re ordinary quality. Not even ‘good’. Come now, Kay.

Titanium: Aunt Argon, I don’t see why there needs to be this animosity between everyone over the heirship thing. I know you want your own daughter to win, but siblings can both want to win heirship without trying to kill each other. We should all be nice. 😀

Argon: I would have let your mother drown if she hadn’t made me the second heir. And your Aunt Calcium was the one to trap her in the pool in the first place.

Meanwhile, Phosphorus is taking care of Chromium.

Phosphorus: I’ve had so many kids that I’m used to babies by now.

I think I can count the times you’ve held any of your children on my fingers.

Scandium: FLYING CAR.

That is all.

I love Phosphorus’ cane. She looks so elegant with it, unlike SOME heiresses who spend their time playing video games.

Never mind.

Phosphorus: Why did you kill me? We’re on the same team!

Argon: You were holding me back!

Titanium still needs to befriend Darrin for his opportunity, so we’re going to actually have that sleepover they were talking about because continuity. And there’s a pan on the ground.

We also invite over a boy named Aldo and a girl.

The girl grew up in between the invitation and the actual party. I will keep this girl in mind for Titanium when he become a teen. Mostly because she’s the only one I’ve found that’s not his sister/cousin.

Titanium: You’re late, Darrin. We already finished pretending to fight a dragon who was really my cousin. But we can still hang out.

So let the friendly interaction spam begin.

Meanwhile, whats-her-face is playing the guitar.

Argon: What is she doing in my house?

And Aldo is playing catch with Vanny.

Vanadium: If Titanium doesn’t work out, I’ll keep you in mind.

I don’t know. He has lips that are pretty close to the Mendeleev lips. At least, that’s what it looks like to me.

The kids ended up going to sleep before Titanium could finish befriending Darrin, and now it’s time for Titanium’s birthday. Actually, it’s time for four birthdays. At once. Because I aged up Vanny a day early with the twins, and it happens to be Chromium’s birthday too.

But first, Calcium invited Phosphorus to come over to her house. It’s a pretty nice house, considering that the spares basically get kicked out without a penny to their names. Oops.

Calcium: Mom, it’s great to see you!

Phosphorus: You have a nice place, dear. Not legacy house nice, but still…

Calcium: I attempted to kill my sister for heirship. Please don’t remind me that I’m a spare.

It’s alright though. She doesn’t play with Cal anymore, so he’s not telling her to kill things. I don’t think.

Phosphorus: Oh, you’ve found yourself a man!

Calcium: It’s not–

Phosphorus: You know, my grandkids are getting so big… when are you giving me more?

Calcium: Mom, I’m not together with Rob or anything. He just lives here.

Phosphorus: Living in sin like your sisters?

Calcium: Not even. We’re just friends.

Phosphorus: Then get moving, Calcium! You invite me over and you’re not pregnant or engaged or anything? I’m disappointed in your sisters but at least they’ve given me grandchildren.

Calcium: Mom, you know that women don’t need to have children, right?

Phosphorus: But my daughters do.

Phosphorus: Hello, Rob, it’s nice to meet you. 🙂

Phosphorus: Here’s a picture of my grandbaby, he’s adorable. I’ll bet my Calcium would have adorable babies too. Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing if you married her and started a sweet little family? Or just knock her up, I don’t really care at this point.

I didn’t take any pictures of getting up to the cake or anything,

Since the teens need to go change their outfits and all that, I’ll start with Chromium. He looks sort of blocky.

There we go. I think he has Billy’s hair color rather than the icky green-brown, so I’ll let him keep it.

Someone doesn’t know how to use the wardrobe.

I love pose boxes. Anyway, Scandium is now a loser, and Vanadium hates the outdoors. Scandium looks a lot like her mom. I like that Vanadium doesn’t have the same lips as everyone else, but her eyes look a little odd at first.

Titanium loves the outdoors, and his nose is a bit glitched with the way it sits on his face. I was trying to fix it but for some reason the game wasn’t letting me do the ‘edit in create-a-sim’. So he’s stuck like that for the time being.

Vanadium: Grr… he loves the outdoors and I hate them!

And cousins can’t do romantic interactions; myth confirmed.

Vanadium: Grr… need to get a hold of Aldo so I don’t get stuck with Darrin!


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