Hey guys! This chapter focuses more on Potassium and HER half of the possible heirs, as promised.

Titanium: So I did some research, and I’m PRETTY sure that Vanny can’t marry me. I’m PRETTY sure.

Scandium: Person person plus to THAT.

Scandium: Why do we have a painting in the kitchen? I hate art. I’m getting rid of paintings when I’m heiress.

Titanium: IF you’re heiress.

Scandium: WHEN. Our family only has female heirs, and Vanny wants to marry her cousin. So I’m pretty sure I’m, like, winner by default. We’ll have an heir poll for formality’s sake.

So, did you know Vanadium wants to marry your son?

Kay: WHAT?

Kay: I need to work out and clear my head.

Kay: Wait! Don’t put this picture in the chapter!

I thought you wanted more screen time… 😀

Then Kay turns invisible and takes a jog to work.

The kids have a field trip to the police station.

Vanadium: Hey, look, Scandium. You can marry Darrin!

Scandium: No.

Darrin is not even allowed to hang on to the bottom of the bus. He needs to ride his bike behind it.

Titanium: Oh no, my grades haven’t gone up! Aunt Argon’s going to torture me with her evil doctor equipment!

While Titanium’s in timeout, Scandium has a scavenger hunt to find beetles.

Scandium: I hope these things aren’t so tiny that I need a microscope…

Scandium: Wow! These things are like as big as my hand! Hey, Aunt Cal! Wanna see this bug?

Calcium: No.

This is Sandra Hurst, Darrin’s mother.

Sandra: I heard that your daughter is going to marry my son. Little Darrin was SO excited he’s going to marry a potential legacy heiress.

Kay: NO.

Kay: With my moodlet manager, I have the power of the gods.

I love Kay’s pose.

Kay: Go on, yell at me. I’ll stand here and take whatever you’ve got.

Here’s Theodore and Shing for a visit…

And Binky…

All we need so that every legacy spouse was haunting at once would be


Sodium: Combo breaker!

Vanadium: You know, Titanium, you should probably just drop out of the heir race, since you’re a coward an’ afraid of all the ghosts in the house an’ all.

Scandium: I thought you wanted him in the house so you could marry him?

Vanadium: Keeping my options open.


This is so cool.

Speaking of old…

Phosphorus: I hate you.

The school guidance counselor wants Titanium to befriend Darrin, because I’m not even making up that all the other kids think that Darrin is uncool. Go ahead, Titanium. Be the difference in Darrin’s life.

Titanium: Hey, this is Titanium… What? *cough* Er, I never called you a yeti in my life. You must be thinking of someone else.

Titanium: I was thinking we could have a sleepover sometime… no, not a slumber party. Slumber parties are for girls, Darrin.

The paparazzi has decided to tell Scandium a ghost story. I’m getting bad vibes from this.

Vanadium: Hey, Titanium! Push me on the swing, it’ll be adorable.

Titanium: What? No, that’s my weird cousin. You can sleep in her bed when you come over, if you want. She’s a freak and she can sleep on the couch.

Kay comes to defend her children in case the paparazzi is a kidnapper, but he leaves just as she gets there.

Kay: HEY. Come back here so I can kick your butt!

The paparazzi is also a taxi driver, it seems.

Kay: You could have been kidnapped and murdered and your body would have been used to make burgers. What did I tell you about talking to strangers?

Scandium: *sigh* Only if they have candy…

Kay: Darn right. Now come on, we’re going home.

Phosphorus: I’m going out to stop a jailbreak, and I’m wearing this because I’M STILL YOUNG.

You have to admit that not just ANY grandmother can pull off an outfit like that.

Adorable family time. I think the bedtime story is even more adorable with Scandium sitting on the ground there, just because it means they’re all together.

Titanium: Mom, you’re turning the page the wrong way.

Kay: I’ve been reading WAY longer than you, kid. I think I know what I’m doing.

Phosphorus: Yes! Aging up out here alone means less people will pay attention that I’m turning elder!

Argon: … My water just broke.

Phosphorus: YES MORE DISTRACTIONS. Don’t pay attention to my birthday!

Argon ended up getting stuck in the tub, so I had to reset her.

Argon: Did you break my pregnancy? O.O


Guys, meet Chromium, and artistic and athletic little boy who fulfills Argon’s wish for a boy.

And Phosphorus doesn’t look half bad for an elder, yeah?

Phosphorus: I’m just a little sad that I can’t wear my adult outfit anymore. But this looks cool too.


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