The Stolen Spotlight


Since the last family outing didn’t go so good, I decided that the kids could have another go at it, and sent them to the park.

Titanium: Best birthday ever!

Scandium: Building stuff with sand is like building stuff with blocks. But with sand.


Titanium: Wow Scandium.

Scandium: Well, I can’t stand art. If you want poetry, talk to Vanadium or something.


Speaking of Vanadium, look who finally shows up.

Vanadium: Took me forever to put on my fairy costume.


Autonomous swing pushing is adorable!


Scandium: Hey! Someone see-saw with me! Hey! Guys?

Forever alone.


Scandium: I can do adorable swing pushing too… where’d everyone go?

Time for curfew.


Scandium: Great-grampa, have you seen the books that Grandma writes? They’re pretty smutty.

Binky: I thought I told you to use a pen name so the kids wouldn’t read those books.

Phosphorus: Well, I tried, but Phosphorus Mendeleev doesn’t make good anagrams. No one would buy a book written by Ed Eleven Posh Shop Rum.


Argon: Hello? I’d like to enroll my daughter in Smugglesworth Prep School… I’ve heard it’s a good school for girls who want to beat their cousins at becoming legacy heirs.


Vanadium: Mama, I don’t wanna go to boarding school.

Argon: Nonsense, I know exactly what’s best for my daughter. *eats fly*


Scandium: No fair, Vanny doesn’t have to go to school!

Titanium: Nuh-uh! Vanny has to go live at school.


Uh, Kay? You’ve been in the shower for three hours and your carpool left.

Kay: … I think I’m stuck.



Kay: My boss is never going to believe that I was late to my first day back at work because I was stuck in the shower.

Especially because you work in athletics and you’re going to get all smelly anyway. -_-


Since Vanadium will be leaving us soon, I decided to spend some time and focus on her.

Vanadium: I’m baking muffins!

Cutest lil’ batterwitch ever, yes or yes?


Vanadium: Why do I have to eat the muffin I burned?

We’re going to sell the good ones and make ALL the money.


Let’s check on Argon while Vanny sets up shop.

Argon: I failed to make test tube baby. I guess I’ll have to wait for Grampa to die.

Wait… how does an insane sim get logic skill if insane sims are by default illogical?

Argon: I gain points in Insane Troll Logic.


Back to Vanny.

Vanadium: I’m going to sell SO MANY MUFFINS.

Look, a car!


Aw, it’s only Kay.

Kay: Excuse me?

I want people to come buy the muffins. If the family could buy them, I’d make them, but they can’t. I know the family wouldn’t make any money from the exchange, but they’d still become richer.



Maybe no one’s buying because Vanadium runs an extremely unsanitary shop.

Vanadium: One lick won’t hurt.


But there’s still time to have an adorable bedtime-story picture, right?

Phosphorus: Hold on, kid. I my Death Senses are tingling.




Vanadium: Great-grampa!

Binky: I’ll be in a better place, sweetheart.

Phosphorus: He’s right. Since the Mendeleevs are related to Death we all get a penthouse and access to the private pool.


Scandium: Dammit, Great-grampa. Did you have to die now? I’m too tired.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you had the hidden Bitch trait.


Death: If you just died a few feet to your left, we could have done this in the blacklights  and it would have been so cool.


Death: Binky mendeleev, your time on this mortal coil is over…

Binky: Yeah, I know. Hurry this up, I’m tired.

Death: My daughter says she misses you and I just can’t say no to that face…


Binky: Never hurts to be friendly with the in-laws.

Do you realize that Sodium’s been dead since December?


Argon, surprisingly, didn’t faint during the whole thing.

Argon: Gonna go do that. Twice.

Wait… Earlier Argon said she needed Binky to die to have another kid… and now…



3 thoughts on “The Stolen Spotlight

  1. I loved the bit about Insane Troll Logic! My brother and I are both heavy tropers, and it actually got him to laugh while he was half-asleep – which is physically impossible under most circumstances. Plus, I employ Insane Troll Logic whenever possible. So. Potatoes for everyone!

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