Me and My Baby

It was the night before Mother’s Day,
And all through the house
I’m not doing another rhyming chapter.


Argon: The way I see it, I’ll be around to see one Mother’s Day. So this baby had better get here in time to make me a mother.


Meanwhile, the mothers who are actually have-babies-on-the-outside mothers are preparing to celebrate a nice Mother’s Day. Kay bonds with her kids.

Kay: I’m pretty sure my mom never actually did this.


And Phosphorus is… supposed to be spending time with her husband…

Merlot: Game’s on.

Phosphorus: Fabio just took off his shirt.


Phosphorus is bonding with her husband.

Merlot: I can show you something better than that book. Winking smile

Phosphorus: Open-mouthed smile


As time passes, Argon becomes more and more freaked out.

Argon: What if the baby never comes? What if I’m pregnant forever?


Argon: Spoke too soon! OW. I changed my mind, I don’t want to be a mother!


Vanadium Mendeleev is artistic and brave.


Nitrogen: A drink to celebrate!

As if you weren’t drinking anyway.


Three ghosts in one place is bad news. Everyone drops what they’re doing to go ‘ew’ at the ghosts. Including the ghosts.


It’s birthday time!

Scandium: I have the greeny-brown hair color!


I changed it to purple. Hopefully, if she’s heir, it will work genetically like Sodium’s black highlights did.


Titanium definitely has some of his dad, at least when it comes to hair color. He also has the Mendeleev lips I just noticed are on, like, ALL of the current Mendeleevs.


Shared trait! Maybe they could be friends! If, you know, he hadn’t knocked up Argon.


Even though Vanadium’s younger than the twins, I gave her a birthday too so she wouldn’t be left out.

She doesn’t have the Mendeleev lips, although they look similar at this point.


Scandium: Come on! It’s time to get into adorable color-coded outfits!


While they’re doing that, Mother’s Day photo shoot!

Notice how they have the Mendeleev lips, and I think the same noses?

Hm. Might need to get some genetic variation in for the next generation. :/


Titanium: GO GO GO.


Kids: Yay for mommies! *applause*

Titanium’s favorite color is grey, which I thought was perfect.


Vanadium is the only child to have an IF, which I named Ecori after the enzyme EcoRI which we are learning about in class.


Sulfur: Mom, you’re being inappropriate.

Phosphorus: I’m a grandmother now, I’ve earned the right. Besides, I’m not the one that’s being inappropriate.


Phosphorus: Your grandfather just rolled the wish to find out if you were rich or not. For the Gold-Digger LTW.

I’m going to go ahead and hope that it’s because he’s getting senile.


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