Overprotective Siblings

Welcome back to the Elemental Legacy.


Phosphorus: About time! I was getting pruney! Were you in hiding from your big April Fool’s chapter screw-up?

Noooo. I was in Disney.

Phosphorus: Whatever you say.


Since teenaged Skip Broke (I think) was hanging around the house I decided that I might as well make him a young adult and let one of the girls snap him up.


Unfortunately, he leaves as soon as he’s done aging up.


Fortunately, we know where he lives!

Skip: Are you stalking me?


Operation spouse hunt is interrupted by graduation. Kay puts on a kitty hat and a determined face.

What’s up with her eyelashes?


Argon gets ready for graduation too. I was surprised that she didn’t opt for a kitty hat as well, being insane and all.


Sulfur shows up to watch her sisters graduate! Red heart

I need to stop having crushes on every generation of this family. Eye rolling smile


Operation spouse hunt resumes!

Kay: So… town bike… I’m not one… but…. wanna take a ride?

Susie Broke: Oh God, stop flirting awkwardly with my big bro, I have to do my homework.


*rejected kiss*

Susie: That’s right, chickie. I’m his princess. Not you.


Another rejected kiss.

Skip: Kay… my family is watching…

Broke men: Alright, Skip! You got a girl!

It’s time for Kay to leave, anyway. She’s tired and there’s no moodlet manager.





Yep, I got the Showtime expansion, so the Mendeleevs have a karaoke machine and other nice things that don’t really belong in a family home.


Anyway, Kay invites Skip out to the park, and he accepts!


Kay: You like sports… I like sports… Love me?

The flirting does not get less awkward with experience.



Good thing Chlorine over there is facing the other way, or he’d kick Skip’s butt.


Lead up to the first kiss. Random singing telegram guy appears from nowhere.


Kay: Ohmigosh that kiss was amazing. It would be a crime if it wasn’t, like, caught on camera or something.

Chlorine finally notices Skip kissing HIS BABY SISTER.

Chlorine’s baby sister. Skip is not kissing his own little sis. That would be weird.


Chlorine: Must resist urge to murder. Murder is illegal, and if I go to jail who will keep this creep from doing things to poor little innocent Kay?

Kay: Um, Skip? Wanna take this somewhere else where my brother won’t give you the evil eye?

Skip: Sure babe.


They head into the theater, where they find Susie reading a book.

Susie: I’m going to stand out here so you can have your privacy (and also I can’t afford a ticket) but if I hear anything going on in there I will kick that girl’s ASS.



Susie: I see that stride of pride, missy! As soon as Harry figures out what’s in the Chamber of Secrets, I’m putting this book down and killing you.

Next time: Is Kay pregnant with the next gen? And will the families ever accept the romance between Kay and Skip? Will Argon find love or is she going to sit there like a bump on a log?


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