Translation of April Fool’s Post :D

Because copying every line and pasting it in a translator is more trouble than it’s worth.

Ffff…. this overwrote the original post. D:<

Welcome to the Elemental Legacy! This legacy will henceforth be entirely in Spanish.


Our heiresses will become adults today, so that’s exciting. They have birthday cakes and everything, unlike Chlorine. They’re important, unlike Chlorine.


Potassium is now a computer whiz, but she wants to become a superstar athlete. An heiress with a real job? I didn’t think I’d see ever see another one.


Argon is unflirty and wants to become a surgeon or something. She’ll be in the medical career, in any case.


Potassium: Now I’m getting paid to be a fan!


Argon: And I’m getting paid to give up my spleen! Not as much fun…


Chlorine and Sulfur are leaving the house to make room for the babies that will hopefully come soon. They both have jobs that they want, which is more than I’ve done for any of the other spares.


Potassium is sleepy, so she sleeps on a bench in front of the stadium.


A spy and a doctor meet on another bench. It’s a good beginning for a spy movie.


Argon is already talking with Chlorine on the telephone. He hasn’t been out of the household for even an hour yet.

Argon: I like the sun.


Then she  practices chess so she can get logic skill for her job.


Phosphorus: Why couldn’t Potassium become a doctor?

Well, Argon is a doctor…

Phosphorus: I want POTASSIUM to be a doctor!


Merlot: Why can’t Potassium be a doctor?



They want you to be a doctor.

Potassium: They can suck it.


This gnome is taking a rest because he works 18 hours a day to support his family and send gnome money to his little gnome family in Gnomania, the country of the gnomes. They are saving up to send the rest of the family over to Simerica, the land of opportunity and cowplants. His story will be in the 900 page novel I’m writing entitled ‘Gnomes: Cheerful Teleporters or Hardworking Stepford Smilers?’


Invisible sleeping bag.


Phosphorus: How are you going to find a man and make babies if you have the unflirty trait?

Argon: I don’t know.


Phosphorus: You should try finding a man on the Internet.


Phosphorus: Or marry a doctor. I hear neurosurgeons are very handsome.


Argon: FOOT!


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