Down to Earth

Pets borked my game again, so I’ve just decided to give up on it for now. And, since my saved games with Pets always insist on spawning pet adoptions and ice cream trucks, I’ve decided to move the Mendeleevs into a game. I chose Riverview instead of the moon because I’d like to have as few variables as possible right now.


Unfortunately, the house can only fit in the lot sideways for some reason, so I have to rebuild it.

Or maybe fortunately, because I’ve been planning on doing that anyway.


So here’s the house. I spent all of the money on the outside and there’s pretty much nothing on the inside except for the furniture that the Mendeleevs already had.


In fact, Phosphorus has to go to the library to work on her books. Which stinks. And the moodlet manager is gone. Which double stinks.


The only rooms that are complete at this point are the party rooms. The bedrooms have beds and stuff, but there wasn’t money for the walls.


Merlot: I like this house way better than the last one.

Kay: Dad, the only room that’s finished is the one that was built for your skilling…


Merlot. You need a shave if you’re going to spend all your time with the black lights. Because I’m not turning them off ever.

And Kay needs a new outfit because her clothes were all Pets clothes.


Kay: Ow! The dresser bit my hand off!


And since he is the only pet now, I suppose it’s time to give the cowplant a name.

If I already named him… I’ll give him a different one. I’m too lazy to look back for it. I shall call him Einstein.


There’s a pool out back, and Kay decided to test it out. Despite her near-death experience back on the Moon.


Merlot works on mixology skill. Shaving makes him look so much better.

I have to remember to add some bars in town…


Library: glitches

Man: I have to pee but I don’t wanna use the public restroom!


Family meal. Sort of. They always finish eating before the others can sit down.

Kay: So, after this, do we all want to sleep in the wrong beds?

Chlorine: Hell yes.


Everyone gets up as soon as Argon sits down.

Argon: But… I thought you were done snubbing me!

Kay: Sorry, but you need a shower.


Calcium didn’t go down to eat because she was playing with her IF…


And Sulfur is making her own meal despite the fact that there were enough hotdogs for everyone.

Sulfur: Do you know what’s in a hotdog?

Okay, but…


Why make salad in the room dedicated to dead people?


Not enough money for Calcium’s bed, so she has to sleep in a sleeping bag for now.


Ellie: I like this new house. Smile

Argon: I wish we had a computer…


Rare triple threat of completing three wishes at once with one action. Write a sci-fi novel, finish current novel, and write a novel worth at least 30 a week.


Kay: I brought home men. :I


Potassium herds the boys towards the building.

Kay: That one is already thinking about love!


While Kay talks to… I think that’s the Shallow kid?… the paparazzi comes.

Paparazzi: I heard there are celebrities here. Why do I just see you normal people?

Binky is the last one in the family to be a celebrity, so if he dies without passing that gold star on we’ll be done with paparazzi for a while.


Sulfur: I broke it off with my old boyfriend because it was an extremely long distance relationship now that I moved. And he thought kissing was going all the way. So I’m single now.

Stop trying to pick up guys meant for your sisters.

Calcium: Anyone going to pay attention to me?


So here’s Calcium as a teen. She’s shy now.

And she can’t be creepy with her doll now. So that’s good.


And Sulfur became an adult and gained the Ambitious trait. She’ll be up for download when I get around to it.


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