I Can’t Decide

Last time on the Elemental Legacy,Kay (Potassium) was declared heiress and began snubbing her twin sister. Calcium, who was sure she was going to be heiress, had a chat with her IF and decided to make herself heiress instead.


Calcium: Look at the pool Mom got!


Merlot got an opportunity to earn $1000 moonlighting at bars, so I guess it’s time to start doing that. Mr. Private Eye was at the bar when Sulfur and Chlorine were there, too. I don’t know if he ever left or not.


Ice is also there, apparently an adult. And in a kilt.

Ice: I think kissing Sulfur got me pregnant, even though she was using lip-gloss.

So so glad that Kay’s the heiress and I don’t have to deal with the guy.


While Merlot is moonlighting at the bar, a mysterious woman shows up.


Just kidding, it’s Phosphorus.

Merlot: You came to support me!

Phosphorus: I came to get alcohol.


Meanwhile at the house, Kay is working hard at an early age to keep the line of alcoholic Mendeleevs going.

She was hungry, and the first thing she goes for is the drinks on the bar.


Merlot: Did I do anything wrong raising my kids? …Nah.


Free vacation for the adults!

Phosphorus: I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Talking to Kay about her snubbing Argon?

Phosphorus: It can wait until after I’m back. I’m sure nothing life-threatening will happen when we’re on vacation.


This picture was taken because

1) I’m pretty sure none of the adults who go into the school building are actually teachers and



Dog: I wanna come home with you!!!


Calcium: Kay! Wanna come swimming with me?


Kay: Sure. You might not have had your swimwear customized, but I did and I’m a work of art!


Calcium: Bye…

Kay: Wait… where are you going?


Kay: Damn. I should’ve known to never trust a pool!

Calcium: I’m going to go on a joyride with a chair and be adorable!


Argon: Are you going to ask me to save you?

Kay: I don’t need you! Steaming mad



Kay: Um… Argon?

Argon: Doing homework.


Kay: Even though I’m not waving around or anything, I’m for real drowning right now. So can you save me?

Argon: If I get double heirship with you and you stop snubbing me.

Kay: Not agreeing to that!

Kay: Fine.


Sulfur: How was your day?

Kay: I almost died today.


Calcium: What’s that, Cal? Cal says now I’m heiress for sure.


Or not.

Calcium:You’re alive?


Calcium: I have to go see what Cal says about this.


So… yeah. Here’s our second heiress fixing the shower in an evening gown.


Calcium: I could have sworn the pool would have done her in! It was foolproof!

Chlorine: It’s past your bedtime…


All of the ghosts love the cowplant.

Ellie: It’s better than the slip’n’slide!

If anyone’s wondering why Ellie’s so white, it’s because she was using a custom skintone when she was alive and I deleted almost all of my CC to help my game run more smoothly.


The next day, Calcium goes on a mysterious field trip by herself to the science facility…

This isn’t supposed to be a plot thing or anything. She seriously went on a field trip to the science facility by herself about an hour before school let out.


It’s gotten to the point that I look at the cowplant when I ‘m trying to find the ghost on the lot.


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