Happy Waitangi Day

Today is a HUGE day, guys! It’s Waitangi Day in New Zealand! Open-mouthed smile

And it’s also, like,  the day I become a legal adult. But whatever.

(For the record, I don’t live in New Zealand.)


So I got myself a birthday present, in the form of a cowplant. I never had one in Sims 2 or anything, mostly because I suck at Sims 2 and all of my people end up starving to death. It’s sort of embarrassing.


I also got myself this because there was leftover simpoints. It doesn’t seem to be working.

Calcium: Get me OUT of this.


Phosphorus, please don’t die.


She doesn’t. Anyway, it’s about time for Calcium to become a child and we can FINALLY be done with diapers for a while.


Calcium is now adventurous, and she shows off one of the hairs I got from the Sims Store.


I love me some autonomous romantic interactions.


And you were doing so well, guys! D:

Still better than the couples in any of my other games, at least.


As was brought up in the last chapter, there was to be a slumber party thrown by the kids, so I decided to let the teens go on dates. Then the house wouldn’t be so full and they could all have fun.


Sulfur and Chlorine went to a dive bar, but a private investigator was there. :/

PI: I heard they were serving alcoholic drinks to minors here, and I’m going to investigate.


Meanwhile, the slumber party is underway. I think this kid’s name is Cola or Pop or something. I don’t know. I know most of the sims I placed in town are Berry sims, though.

He’s the only guest, by the way.


Unless you count the teenager who showed up. My guess is that he was a kid when the phone call was made, but then he had a birthday.

I don’t know if I should be worried about Kay pillow-fighting with him.


Argon and this kid also have pillow fights.


Meanwhile, Sullfur manages to kiss Ice for real, not just the game telling me that she kissed him.


Chlorine is not so lucky.

Ice: Sorry, but I didn’t bring my lip gloss and I don’t want a baby when I’m still in high school.

Oh. My. FSM. These Frosty kids are getting on my nerves.


Cola/Coke/Pepsi: Your party sucks.


Then he ran off into the night. Hated the party so much that he couldn’t bear to sleep in the same house.

Chlorine: And Snow said she was leaving because I have ‘problems’. I’m not the one who considers talking to someone of the opposite sex as ‘third base’.


The weird teenaged dude feeds the cowplant, but doesn’t die.


Ellie: Oh! This must be one of my descendants! How are you doing?


Argon: *faints*


The twins decide to have a rematch at hopscotch.


These kids are seriously good at hopscotch, since neither of them ever gets it wrong. I think the game decides who wins the match arbitrarily, in their case.

Argon won, by the way..


Calcium makes me happy because she managed to get to the right bed for her bedtime story. Kids always seem to pick random beds that aren’t their own.

Phosphorus makes me happy because the book she’s reading is child-appropriate.


Argon and Kay also do chess together.

Kay: Let’s ponder why I’m sitting on the side of the board with black pieces, but am holding a white piece.


Snow came back! I’m determined for Chlorine to kiss her.

Snow: I asked your grandfather to chaperone us!

Chlorine: What is this, the Victorian Era?


Just a comment: Why is it that whenever someone sees two sims being romantic, they automatically get person person minus? Is this just my game? Is Binky really against Chlorine and Snow dating, or do all sims have a strict ‘get a room’ policy, or what?


FINALLY. I can die happy.


Calcium: I think I want to travel the world.

Sulfur: Not if WA travel starts glitching the game, you’re not


Sulfur: I LOVE MY HAT!


Lithium is the first sim that did this that I could watch without worrying. Because she’s already dead and all.


Oh, look. Snow is still here.

She will also be in my nightmares.


Okay, so I guess it’s time for birthdays, yes?


Argon’s new trait is ambitious.


And Kay’s new trait is party animal. Which goes with disciplined… somehow…

So it’s time for an heir vote, guys! Since I have college/pit band stuff to do, I’ll probably keep it up for a while. Plus I have it on pretty good authority that I’m getting SKYRIM (!!!) for my birthday, so you can expect me to get back to Sims playing… in a decade or two?

Nah, I’ll be back before then. Probably.


2 thoughts on “Happy Waitangi Day

  1. Happy birthday!

    (P.S. I’ve been reading this blog for a looong time,but never commented for some reason. I figure your birthday is as good a time as any to start commenting!)

  2. Going through this legacy a year and a bit late .-. but YAY FOR CELEBRATING WAITANGI DAY. I am from NZ, and I love to hear of other people celebrating our culture and history. Even though Waitangi day marks the signing of a treaty between the Europeans and Maori tribes that basically allowed Europeans to steal Maori land and brought about the Musket Wars. But still. YAY NEW ZEALAND.

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