Kissing Makes Babies

We’re back! Open-mouthed smile I have Pets installed now so fingers crossed, but it seems to be working alright *knock on wood*. I played basically a whole generation (from teenaged heiress to teenaged heiress) in my EPIC legacy, even going 3x speed sometimes, and haven’t had much issue.


So last time there were twins, and now they’re bald because I cleared out some CC, but they’ll be aging up soon anyway so I’m not going to bother with that right now.


Phosphorus has finished both portraits of herself and Merlot. I’m not going to hold myself to portraits of Binky and Sodium because I DID have them in the other game.

Remember how I kept the backup to retrieve the portraits when I got Pets again? Well, in my INFINITE wisdom, I left the backup save in with the other save files of the game. And apparently named one of my save files the SAME THING so the game replaced it with the NEW backup… Crying face


Sodium’s back! Open-mouthed smile Just in time for a triple birthday extravaganza.


Phosphorus: OMG! It’s Sodium Mendeleev! I’m your biggest fan!


First up is Sulfur. Her newest trait is Good Sense of Humor. I don’t know why I decided to give her that hat. I just did.


Argon is now a coward. And pissed about the dirty toilet.


Equally pissed is Kay, who is now hot-headed, and not happy about Chlorine stealing the spotlight with his sick moves.


Here’s Phosphorus writing another one of her trashy novels. This one is called Subtle Satin Sheets.

But shouldn’t you be cleaning the disgusting toilet, dear?

Phosphorus: Maid service is on it.


I see.


Merlot: Sulfur, I think we need to spend some more time together. Help me practice making drinks?

Sulfur: Dad, I’m not of legal drinking age.


Sulfur: And there are stink fumes coming out of it.


This went… exactly as expected.


Merlot: Would you like to sample some of my drinks?

Phosphorus: I really shouldn’t.

Merlot: Because…

Phosphorus: There are still stink fumes coming out of the drinks.


That went… exactly as expected. Again.


After losing her lunch, Phosphorus tries to bond with her two eldest children.

Phosphorus: Don’t bother with schoolwork, Chlorine! All you need to do to succeed is be a super stud and the girls will flock to you.


Sulfur: What’s with this writing trashy novels and mixing juice? That’s not what this legacy was founded on! We need to get back to our roots!


MERLOT. It is two in the morning and we can’t zap away ‘exhausted’ moodlets for the younger kids yet. Stop telling her a scary story and let her go to bed.


Discovered that the twins both have the imaginary friend trait.

Argon: Why can I turn into this? The only explanation is radiation poisoning! I’m going to DIE.


They’re identical imaginary twins.

Like I had when I was five. Their names were Nancy and Nancy.


Trashy novelist Phosphorus decided to write a children’s novel.

Phosphorus: Hey, I know plenty about kids! I have three of my own!

You have four.

Phosphorus: I know how many kids I have!


Binky got a police car! This brings back memories of the good old days with Zhan.


And Sulfur comes home with another surprise in the form of Ice Some-sort-of-frozen-treat-for-a-last-name.


Sulfur flirts with him and he’s pretty accepting of all of her flirts.


Sulfur: Kiss?



Sulfur: Wanna go to prom with me?

Ice: Sure. You’re soooo dreamy, Sulfur. Of course I’ll go.

*Note: He seriously called her dreamy*


Sulfur: Why won’t you kiss me if I’m dreamy?

Ice: I don’t want to get you pregnant, Sulfur. I’m not that kind of guy.

Sulfur: That’s not how that works…

Ice: My family said that some people might say that to trick us into thinking we’re safe. But I know the truth about kissing.

-_- Maybe they’ll kiss at prom? Anyway, that was the end of this chapter. And we are FINALLY done with diapers and cribs for this generation!






Or not.


One thought on “Kissing Makes Babies

  1. LOL I think Ice needs some sex ed classes! It’s too bad that their are some families that actually do that sort of thing.

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