Kids Will Be Kids

Welcome to a new year of the Elemental Legacy. As of 2012, the legacy is now Sodium-free. So if you’re, like, keeping an eye on your Sodium intake, this legacy is OK to read.


First off, DAMMIT CHLORINE. Why you have to be so masculine? They know!

Yeah, Chlorine is a boy. Even though it ends in an –een sound and is more of a girl’s name.


I got MasterController again and it’s working good so I fixed up the baby blankets. The green one is Argon… maybe… and the blue one is Potassium.


Chlorine: Grandma died!

Sulfur: Can I wash the dishes or are you just going to stand there?

Chlorine: But she was practically the only person who ever took care of me!

Sulfur: Dishes not getting any cleaner here. : /


The kids are sent to the park to be not-miserable, but I forgot they were exhausted from the whole ‘grandma dying in the middle of the night’ thing. So I checked things out while they napped.


There are pigeons in the park, and also a shark in the pond. It excited me.


Then Chlorine woke up and played on the park stuff for a while before going home.

The park is inside a giant dome, by the way, and it’s awesome.


Then it is time to age up the twins. I was hoping hoping HOPING that Binky wasn’t going to die while this happened


I remember this is DEFINITELY Argon. She has white hair, and also these weird eyes that come from I don’t know where. Merlot has dark purple and Phosphorus has dark blue, but Argon’s eyes are lighter.


Potassium, who will henceforth be known as ‘Kay’ (Did I say that already? If so, I’m saying it again.), got the purple hair, which was super exciting. Since all the other kids have white hair.


Argon in her crib after her makeover. I decided the twins would match because it saves me the time of making a separate outfit for each of them.


See? Matchy matchy.


I took out my painting replacement mod when I put in Master Controller, just in case the new mod lagged the game too much or something. And… the game actually runs a lot smoother now. A LOT. I guess because the file for replacing paintings is HUGE or something like that?


Phosphorus and Merlot continue to basically ignore their kids, in favor of paying attention to each other.


If they’d gotten there a couple minutes earlier, Ellie would have been there and it would have been awkward. XD


Kay: I’m not even tired, grampa!

Binky: But I am. Go to bed.

I can’t even be mad at him because he is the only reason that all four children haven’t starved yet. What am I going to do without him?


Since Mom and Dad aren’t paying attention to them and Binky will most likely spend the rest of his life in the twins’ room, Sulfur and Chlorine play some chess together. That way they can skill and I can pretend I’m giving them bonding time out of the goodness of my shriveled heart.


This is also the time that I learned you can even put things on top of the tall wardrobes. Or this one, anyway. Cool.


Sulfur: Let’s talk about death while we play chess!

Chlorine: Okay!


They get hungry and have salad together, where they continue the conversation.

Chlorine: Do you think I, like, caused grandma’s death or something?

Sulfur: Probably. Open-mouthed smile


Phosphorus finished her first portrait and looks all wavery and stuff, but it’s her business if she wants her portrait to look bad. I just hope she stocked up on some purple paint.


Meanwhile, Merlot is still making drinks. We need to own a bar too, right? I think I might make a Mendeleev Memorial bar, which would be just like the museum but more happenin’


Chlorine tries to kill himself…

I could make a joke about the water being chlorinated but… actually, I just did.


Kay impales her face on the dollhouse.


Then shoved her whole body in. This is the non-insane one, let me remind you. Argon is mostly stuck in her crib, but I feel like she’ll be fun to watch once she breaks free of her prison.


Sulfur discovered how to make hair dye, apparently.


And I discovered that kids sleeping on the ground isn’t just a fail thing. You can click on the sleepy moodlet and the toddlers can just fall asleep wherever. Coolie oolies.

And that’s the last picture I have. Next time we’ll see if Binky continues to take care of the kids, I guess?


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