Worst Birthday Ever!

Right now, as you read this, I am most likely in Jamaica.

Actually, I suppose someone might be on vacation or something and only have a chance to read this after I’m home. And people might start reading the legacy and get to this Generation later…

So as you read this, it is possible that I am in Jamaica.


I discovered that you don’t need a sandbox to play in the sand. Because the house is surrounded by moon sand and the ‘play in the sand’ option came up when I told Sulfur to go outside.


Chlorine is a cute little b… g… individual. White hair and purple eyes, just like Sulfur. I hope they don’t turn out to be clones.


Merlot is working on his mixology skill, but he’s not very good at it. When he’s not horrified by how it tastes, he’s actively spitting it across the bar.



Sulfur: Dad, I’m trying to do my homework.


The Sulfur goes to bed and dreams about being strong.


The next day, the school has a field trip! And where are they going? Somewhere fun? The police station? The science lab?


The cemetery, of course. This mausoleum even has the shelves where the bodies are stored on the inside.

My computer is no longer taking screenshots, but Sulfur got the pop up where the teacher yells at her to put down the skull.


Okay, enough death! Time for adorableness!


Chlorine: OMG!


I love these kids. I really do.


Sulfur got hungry after playing with her sibling, so I sent her to make some muffins with her little toy oven.



Aw, what an adorable little excitable sim…


Sulfur: I want to see a ghost.

O… kay.


Merlot’s asleep but I figure that the rest of the family can have a cute little meal together. And by ‘the rest of the family’ I really mean Phosphorus and Sulfur, because Phosphorus needs to spend more time with her kids.


Binky: Sulfur, dear, you’re a wonderful cook. Just keep this up and roll a cooking LTW and you’ll be great as a legacy sim.


Sodium: Wrong! She’s not going into the culinary career. She’s going into painting. The family will need someone to do the portraits.

Sulfur: Um… I’m going to go now…


Phosphorus: Mom, all she really needs to do for the legacy is pop out kids.

Sodium: We still need portraits dear.


That night, Sulfur sees a ghost. So… good for her.


And Phosphorus goes into labor.

Phosphorus: Anyone taking me to the hospital? No? Okay, I’ll go myself.


Um… wanna take a taxi?

Phosphorus: No. Subway’s cheaper.

They’re both free.


Phosphorus gave birth to twin girls Argon and Potassium.

That’s Potassium being impaled on the baby basket.

Phosphorus: It’s how I was brought home.


Phosphorus does not seem very happy about the birth of her daughters.


This one is… Argon? It’s not like it matters at this point. I can’t recolor the blankets because I don’t have the mods to do things like that any more. Argon is Friendly and… Insane! I’m surprised we’ve gotten this far into the Generation 6 kids before we got the Genius or Insane traits.

I remember that this IF is named Mimivirus, though. You can tell what we’re learning about in Biology by what I name the IFs. XD


And if the first one is Argon, this is probably Potassium. Potassium is disciplined and friendly. Her IF… or, at least, this IF… is named Ebola.

Image Detail

Because it looks like Mickey Mouse.


Despite the frown on her face when the girls were born, Phosphorus immediately rolled wants to snuggle both of them.

Phosphorus: What? I’m a good mom! I don’t ignore my kids!



Sodium and Binky are so used to taking care of the crying babies themselves that they don’t know what to do when Phosphorus gets there first.


One last picture of the adorableness, because the game says it’s almost time for Chlorine’s birthday! Open-mouthed smile


Phosphorus: I’m interacting with all the kids this chapter! I’m on a roll!


Chlorine: I’m gonna be a big bo… gi… person!


Sodium: Time to scar the kids for life!

Sodium! Noooo! Sad smile This isn’t The Cult of Personality!


Binky: I’m torn between being happy about Chlorine’s birthday and sad about my wife’s death!


And Death has to go out of his way to scar the other two?

Death: I wanted to see my great-granddaughters.

Right. He’s part of the family. This is so messed up.


Sodium: Binky, relax! Spaghetti Monster help me, I’m just going to chill with my dad!

Death: My, Sodium. What a lovely family you have.


Because of crashes, she got the worst urn.

Rest in peace, Sodium Mendeleev. Daughter of Death, mother of three children and grandmother of four. She is in a better place, in Flying Spaghetti Monster Heaven.


Death: And Phosphorus, you’ve got kids now. They’re precious.


Sulfur: Mommy, what’s going on?

Phosphorus: Death is your great-granddad. Try to keep up.

Sad-looking kids are sad-looking.




Phosphorus goes to paint and ends up making this. And that just made me more sad, so that was when I stopped playing. Therefore, that is where this chapter stops.


3 thoughts on “Worst Birthday Ever!

  1. Wow, your Sims are really good at painting things that correlate with what’s going on in their lives. Mine almost never do that!

    Hope you’re having fun in Jamaica!

  2. LOL. My sims always die at birthdays/weddings/etc. In one of my hundred babies, the elder foundress died at HER OWN WEDDING! It was depressing. She had like twenty kids and couldn’t even get married before she died.

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