A Hot Husband and Some Kid

I was bored and the game seemed to be working, so I just installed my expansions back.
-_- Hope this is not a time when cutting corners ends badly, but my save game looks like it survived, so I’ll just go ahead and say it’s fine. If stuff goes wonky, I can package up the family, so a rebuild won’t be necessary.

I’ve been saving this chapter and the next one until I knew this, because family-with-baby would be easier to rebuild than family-with-toddler, since no one could say I got the face wrong. So this chapter and the next are before the big CC purge, although I don’t think anything was lost except for Phosphorus’s dress and two of the hot tubs. :/

Without further ado…


Feels fitting to start out another chapter in the bathroom, this time to comment on the fact that Merlot is bald when he takes a bath. XD Er… shaved. Same difference.


Anyway, guess who forgot about the moodlet manager after the move! I just remembered it now.


Phosphorous is on her… second?… book at this point. Her first one is called He Knew It Was Wrong because it was what the game came up with. Then the game came up with the same title for the second one, so I decided the book she’s working on now is a sequel.


Sulfur got an imaginary friend. His name is Calvin because we’re learning about photosynthesis in Biology right now.


A display to show all of the space rocks that have been found. Because why not?

Sodium: What’s this button do?

What button?


Sodium: This button.


The case ate our stones and spit out a normal old space rock that was really nothing special.


Sulfur: Derp!

Also it’s Sulfur’s birthday! She’s got the white hair, so I guess it’s not skipping generations this time. She has her dad’s purple eyes, though.


Sulfur: You think I’m cute?


Sulfur: You ain’t seen nothing yet!


So freaking adorable!


Even when she’s sad.


Sodium: Wanna try for a cute baby like that?

Binky: You can’t get pregnant, dear.

Sodium: It would still be fun…



Phosphorus: I drank about everything stocked in the bar and now my foot is talking to me. Get in here.


It took forever, but they finally managed to cuddle together. One of them would keep getting out, or they’d insist on sitting on the opposite sides of the hot tub.


Phosphorus: I forgot we needed to breathe!

Merlot: Did you hear a lullaby?


Sulfur: Here, you’re ugly, so I’ll cover your face! Now no one will have to see!


Sulfur: Now for CPR!

I’ve played a bit ahead and, although Sulfur has the good trait, I can’t help but feel she has a skewed perception of ‘good’.


Nitrogen: Yeah! High score baby!


Zhan: Ew, it’s my granddaughter!

Nitrogen: Get out of here, Grandpa. I’m tired of this!


Ellie: Ew, it’s my husband.

Zhan: Don’t be like that, dear…

Ellie: Why don’t you just go cheat on me? You were so good at that when you were alive.

Zhan: But all of the women here are from my direct bloodline. Sad smile


Phosphorus: Your legacy is in good hands. I have a hot husband over in the other room.

Ellie: You have a daughter too, right?

Phosphorus: Oh… yeah, her. That kid lives here too.


Ellie: Well, just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t cheat on you.

Phosphorus: It’s all good, Great-Grandma Ellie. If he crosses me I will

Send him to hell.


Phosphorus: I’m going to criticize your family now. Your family sucks!

Zhan: We’re directly related…

Which is the only reason he’s not hitting on her right now! Open-mouthed smile

Also, look at this!!!


Yum… This is the legacy’s “We’re Not Dead Yet” Cake.


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