Your Ectoplasm is Showing


This is Phosphorus’s hair when she’s nekkid.

Phosphorus: What, I can’t have an elaborate updo when I’m showering?


Both parents-to-be have rolled wishes to read a pregnancy book, so I sent Phosphorus out to make it happen.


There’s a ghosty! He came from the exchange and he’s got a girlfriend or something, so hopefully he’ll make some ghost babies for next generation’s spouse? Maybe?

I could have Phosphorus get a ghost baby herself but…


Just look at how cute they are together!


Rolling wishes for each other like there’s no tomorrow.


Dancing time!

That night:


Sodium: Binky, you’re being too loud. I’m trying to go to sleep. Paparazzi man… you’re facing the wrong way.


He snaps photos of Sodium sleeping. Not that I’m complaining. I think this is the only way for her to get more celebrity points, because none of the opportunities she gets are working. On the off-chance that she gets to five stars, this is how it’s going to happen.


Lithium: Would you mind, dear? I need some privacy here.


Lithium: *is nekkid*

Phosphorus: Ew! Great-grandma! Are you my great-grandma?

I… think so? I get confused when they add the ‘great’.


Paparazzi: I’m not wearing any clothes!


Nice way to clean the toilet, Phosphorus.


Phosphorus: WARGH! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! *stomps through toilet*


Let’s focus on the cute old couple instead of the skinny dippers.

Okay? Back to the skinny dippers.


Lithium: Can’t a ghost get some privacy in here?


Phosphorus: NOMNOMNOM

Forgot she was a slob until she started doing this.


But lookit how cute they are! All cuddling on the couch.


All feeling the baby bump.

Merlot: That’s pretty big. Sure there’s not two in there?

Phosphorus: Better not be.

Speaking of multiples, I opened her pregnancy stats using Master Controller and it’s apparently possible to have quads? I think it came with the mod, but 4 babies born all at once? I would die. In the bad way.


Merlot and Phosphorus discuss their differences over a game of chess.

Merlot: I don’t understand how you can dislike happiness.


Phosphorus: Well I don’t know why you don’t like death. But I respect your opinion.


Phosphorus: BABY TIME.


Merlot: What do I do? What do I do?

Phosphorus: You men are all the same! There’s only one thing to do in a situation like this…


Phosphorus: Change into my good black dress!


It’s baby Sulfur! She’s good and…

Phosphorus: Excitable? Can we send it back?



2 thoughts on “Your Ectoplasm is Showing

  1. ROFL! I love Phosphorous’ reaction to Sulfur’s traits. She and Merlot are so cute together. I can’t wait to see what their babies look like when they’re older!

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