Drunk On You


Ah… okay. Pets seriously messed up my game and made it crash-y, so I uninstalled it (first removing pets from the households) and moved the Mendeleevs to a new save file. I made sure to transfer the portraits into the inventory, but for some reason they’re all missing. So I’m going to keep the backup file for my Pets save so I can retrieve the portraits when I get a computer that can handle Pets.


Also Phosphorus isn’t a vampire anymore, but whatever.

Phosphorus: Dad, we shouldn’t have police! We should live in an anarchist dystopia.

Her new LTW is to make 4000 a week in royalties, because being a writer on the Sims is easy.


I still have the graves though, which is awesome. Also, I’ve placed some families from the exchange on the moon that have kids and toddlers, so hopefully I won’t be stuck with a town full of face-ones that are almost elders.


Spouse hunt?

Merlot belongs to the wonderful Berry, who writes this wonderful legacy. One of the first legacies I actually started reading, if I remember correctly.


Phosphorus: You’re as beautiful as a dreary, cloudy day.


This is why I love the inappropriate trait. Get to be ‘romantic interests’ without working for it!


Look at him being all awesome and purple! *drool*

Phosphorus: Mine!


Phosphorus: Wanna go out?

He looks upset, but he says yes the second time. I was thinking that he needed to be snapped up before Story Progression paired him off… then I remembered that I don’t have Twallan’s stuff installed right now. Got rid of it in an attempt to fix the crashing.


Part of me just wants to get to the next generation, though.

Phosphorus: Marry me?


Merlot: I’ve known you for an hour.


He laughs at her the second time.

Phosphorus: Is this because I’m a vanilla sim? Are you racist?


Not giving up yet, though. He just needs a bit more time.


Merlot: I have a wonderful girlfriend.

Phosphorus: There’s a computer at home!


I figure that Merlot’s a nice guy, so he would have to say yes if Phosphorus was carrying his child. Then again, he’s got like a million illegitimate kids, but none of them are in my game. So she gets him into bed…


Then into the shower…


Then into bed again…

Well, that time they didn’t woohoo, but they did woohoo in the shower again the next morning, and still no chimes.


She proposed again anyway and this time he said yes. Romantic.


Let’s just get married because it was far harder to get him than I expected and I want babies now dammit!

Merlot is good sense of humor, great kisser… um… he wants to be golden tongue golden fingers, with level 10 for charisma and guitar. Also he’s PURPLE.


This time, there’s a lullaby. Fourth time is the charm, right?


Merlot gets started on guitar skill, because I want to get that out of the way. SO MUCH GUITAR PLAYING. Nitrogen and Shing and… actually that’s it. But I’m taking a break from musical sims after this.


And now it’s time for Sodium and Binky to grow up… how did they get to be the same age? I don’t know, but I’m not messing around with it.


Sodium isn’t in the acting career anymore, and there aren’t any celebrities in this save… I don’t think she’s reaching her LTW. Sad smile

Sodium: It’s okay. I can use my new free time to play Skyrim!


Sodium: Yay Binky! *toot*

Binky: *shoves arm through wall*


Phosphorus: Can you guys get out of my room? I’m going to bed.


Or not.


As all sim players know, vomit=babies.

It’s gotten so bad that I assume a book character is pregnant when they vomit, even if they have a reason to be sick. And that reason is rat droppings in the coffee.

I was right, though. She was pregnant.


Nitrogen: I’m gone for like… wait… you don’t even document my death?

I’m so sorry! But it was during the crashy time. I got a picture but I forgot that I didn’t publish it before I deleted it and fixed the game. But she did get the biggest tombstone. Shing got the middle one.


Nitrogen: Ooh! A hot tub!

We have three.


Nitrogen: My foot is ghostly, too.


While I’m upset about not having pets anymore, being able to actually play the game without crashes and ghost!Nitrogen make up for it.


Binky: So now that Phosphorus is vomiting, I’m excited about the next element being born! Baby Sulfur is on the way!

Merlot: You mean we’re not naming the baby after a fruit or a type of wine?

Sodium: That’s just a weird way to name a kid.

Pot, meet kettle.


Phosphorus writes trashy novels because of her inappropriate trait. This one is called ‘He Knew It Was Wrong’.


Crosseyed, vision’s hazy


Merlot: Whatcha derpin’ for?


Phosphorus: Nothing, just a baby.


3 thoughts on “Drunk On You

  1. Aww it sucks that you had to remove pets, I hope you get it fixed up and back in at some point. Love the legacy as always and I’m finally caught up again! Can’t wait to see the babies. 🙂

  2. I’m glad we can finally get some berry genes into the legacy.

    Also Phosphorus is writing Trashy novels? I don’t suppose she got some ideas from her mother’s slash fic?

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